Backyard Brawlin'

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What do you suggest we do once we have fallin for the okedoke? When the conspiracy has won the race to truth being played out. All this is literally. No way to see the other end basically. All of it does contain material that does not know how to be worked out. Bagage is what they call it in our arena. When we feel adequate enough contextual to speak for an arena. Always having the outsiders and insiders in the made atmospheric pressure. Discovering how one way can become better than how it was done. Being atmosphere and experience is off balance for the sake of overstanding. Understanding becomes an arena only the experienced can enter to conquer. The way we stand in battle while tricking our mind in believing of being done(okedoke)while needing a way to survive. Who are we picturing in this arena of shared bliss here? You for one, yourself, your experiences in life that brung you to this battle and the arena becoming our meeting place of understanding the reasoning of defending. It’s not the group of onlookers on your mind, focus is the term of changing ones circumstance. The onlookers yell from this way then that way, my eyes have not been looked into since I left home. We are now on the verge of becoming one within the reason. Time has come for I to fight my way out of thinking about run like hell home to Momma.
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