Babylon: 11/05/2012

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I had another of my early morning Walk-n-Talks today, right around midnight, during which I pondered the possibility that my current perception of reality could be an alternate reality --- a safe place --- Mind created to escape from the Torture Chamber which the period immediately after I 'awakened' from Open Heart surgery most assuredly was.

If Mind was ever going to do such a thing, that would be the time.

The real I is God, I believe. Hence, death was not an option. Gods cannot die. We are Immortal.

Instead, God created an alternative universe to which Self could escape after that strange scene when I remember 'dreaming' that I died and appeared before an entity I recognized as God.

Which is to say that, in that 'dream' sequence, 'I' was my former Temple of Nine Gates, and 'God' was the real I. Together, we chose to proceed as I now am.

Being God, I cut myself some slack and, this time, in this incarnation, I am closer to heaven than the hell I left. But, not there yet.

Hence, now I have, not abundant, but adequate income. And I now have a roof over my head. But, I also have this debilitating discomfort in my chest which is apparently a thorn in the flesh I must carry for the remainder of this incarnation.

Being a little closer to heaven, this time, I am now more aware of how f-ed up Earth is. How f-ed up my fellow mortals are. How distant from God/Heaven terrestrials still are.

Remembering my former incarnation, this time around, gives me certain, ah, let's call them powers.

For instance, I pondered during my Walk-n-Talk how everything I now perceive to be happening is, in truth, exactly and only what Mind manifests it to be.

So, I heard someone approaching from behind me. It was dark, no one else around but I and the approacher, a couple of blocks from the FSU stadium. But, why fear for the safety of my Temple of Nine Gates? I Am That I Am.

The approaching mortal turned out to be a black man, about maybe 10 years younger than I. He was singing to himself as he rode his bicycle past me. As soon as he got in front of me, he 'danced' off his bike and began cutting the rug right there in front of me, smelling of booze and reeking even more of Joie de vivre.

To which, being God remember, I could only smile.

He smiled back. We bounced fists in the Way mortals do in this incarnation. Then, he hopped back on his bike and rode off, still singing.

Most intriguing.

"For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure."

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