Americas Decay

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The stench of inauthenticity permeates profusely throughout the vestibules of so-called indoctrinated ideologies from a disingenuous nation and its deceitful architects. The absence of morals, values, principles and integrity fused with the pervasive poisonous elements both consumed and inflicted, continue to perpetuate an existing destructive organism that inevitably will decimate the fabric of American culture until it has completely disintegrated. The confluence of adverse and skewed abnormalities versus normalcy create an atmosphere of incongruity. Eventually we will have absolutely nothing of historical value left to draw from. Most folks will be quite content to rest on their laurels where as all semblance of civility, compassion and empathy will be reflective of majestic angels falling from grace... All that we pretend to be is of little significance and all that we are will have been destroyed or forgotten and the day of reckoning will be upon us.

Am I my brothers keeper?

This is a picture of the America and the world that has yet to be painted. Unfortunately as I traverse my way through life and I cast my gaze upon a canvas that was once stroked with the beautiful colors of promise and prosperity for all, I can't help but notice the slow transitioning away from the institution of high morality and principles that she once was intended to represent. America now bares the evidence of decay and erosion sustained from the neglect of those who were entrusted with her care. She was thought to have been placed under the guardianship of people with integrity, high morals and principles... Folks with honest capable hands. Instead her glorious image has been tarnished by the rapacious and nefarious nature of self-serving contemptuous politicians and hoarders of wealth and power. It is the contention of her representatives that she is the pillar of a democratic society governed by an elected two-party system. I believe that we could argue that point and say that she is more indicative of an Oligarchy presenting the illusion of a democracy..

Is this a designed induced metamorphosis of our world? If so, then that would imply intention which would suggest that there are those who conspire under the cloak of democracy and good intentions to have ultimate and exclusive control as it relates to the evolution of this country.

In actuality this may very well have some validity and bare some truth to a degree.
There are those who occupy positions of wealth, power and influence that allows for the circumvention and manipulation of laws which otherwise would insure America's well-being and stability. The absence of care and attention which would serve to reinforce a long-standing security has allowed her to fall victim to a society of onlookers who have forgotten or lack any knowledge of her great historical value and symbolism.

This America is on the pathway of becoming old, tattered, and frail for all to witness. If her condition continues to be ignored and left unattended her string will become worn and brittle and she will come crashing down from the wall of prominence. She will then lie on the floor of shame and demise as have all other great nations that have come and gone before her. Will she be swept into the dustpan of shattered dreams or will there be an effort of restoration put forth so that she can once again be the embodiment of greatness, promise, and pride? Hmm, maybe and maybe not, but this also is a picture that has yet to be painted.

Be ever so mindful of your actions for they represent your painted strokes on the canvas of life....

Written by Africafifth

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