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Posted 05-06-2008 at 01:49 AM by $$RICH$$
Who Am I .......
I am the wind that blowz cross your face
the one that feed you love & grace
I am the heart to be sought that very one like da
grain under your feet the soul many wish to seek
I am the earth body and soil the heat that makes
things boil under my temp.
My love is not the game but how it's played
unconditional , I am life which we live food to the
soul and passion to heart, I am the beginning and
the end , I am the air which you breathe
the embrace in you space that tenderly squeeze
I am the daydream and the shadow
I am a brother a man name $$RICH$$ one that
bring loyal and happiness
I am peace honor and respect a journey a friend
as well mystery
I am yesterday today and tomorrow
I am a poet/writer a thinker and chooser a leader
uncage by mind i am the great sail of the sea
I am what they call complete every day of the week
I am the steps that u walk and the voice of ya talk
I am what you envision in heart body and soul
the whispers you hear, the brave knight beyond da fear
I am secrecy many speak the dropletts of rain
under thy feet.
so who am i , a bridge which you walk a shelter
to protect you , I am the cloth to cover you
I am, what i am ,that i am in me .

On my New Wave Un`Famously Creation

Posted 05-04-2008 at 04:21 PM by $$RICH$$

:new:VANIKU ~V~ Vankwish

Like da great Haiku of a Japanese style of poetry with a pattern of 17 on a
5-7-5 format .

here's a Nu~wave creation called da Flying ~V~ Vaniku vankwish style of
poetry written in 15 on a 5-4-3-2-1 formatting style this one can't be done
any other way but one style and way , it's being introduced to the world of
poet's and was created by mental thoughts as da mind was flying in mid 2007
Nu~wave Creation gave birth to this mix and it's more so from da adverse of
english and culture bond spliced from da great well known Haiku
as it leads into da third world it's also a form to express love and peace as
victory ! and open da mystery .

It's like abc's unrhymed yet connecting to kiss da next verse or line, now it
can be done rhymatic with flair which is a nice way that will give a more free
style base, the ~V~ of expression is now takening da poetic world by storm.

Here is a maze of how it's created

As you notice the pattern top starts with (A to E) and end in (A)
as it drops the vowl E become silent going backwards to reverse self
forward and then backwards there are four twist in the maze .

Here's a sample of the ~V~ Vaniku Vankwish or vanquish
I held your hand tight
bonding our love
me and you

Can u find the hook and catch that mentally challenge u and let u know
you have written a great piece , but not always do this pattern have to
work to bring out the masterpiece of expression .

This formation is the sister of the great Japanese art form of Haiku poetry
expressional writing known as the new wave flying ~V~ vaniku vankwish or
vanquish which means (To gain mystery over ) in emotion, it will release stress
and give a relaxation of comfort to the mind and soul of feelings of love and peace.

The creation was mentally set and now flying through it's life of 2007 and today's
time we see it written by some of the most talented poet's through
poetic forum, where it was created by $$RICH$$ a poet of the family
working to find the right nitch it was a long coming ~V~ through wild life and up-
liftment to tame da mystery that plage da mind of stress for release and relaxation

Vaniku : is a unrhymed verse with a beginning and ending likeness with five lines
in 15 syllables expressing a version of poetry a poem in a v shape style called the
flying ~v~ and sister to the Japanese art form .
*A*..................... *E*
~v~................... ~v~
***~v~ ...........~v~***
********* ~v~***********

It's now here in waves trying to catch on with it's unfamous version of
creation poeticly , every poet should try to master this style of expression.

Enjoy the new wave creation .
Copyright 2007 @ $RICH$
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