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By Tarhaka Amaana El Bey.


This seems the appropriate place to bring all people in the Americas up to speed
on what will be taking place at an exhilarated pace in the United States, as for as the
DNA, test is concerned, I find it quite strange that all these people actually believe
This type of test makes them native to a particular place on the planet.

For instance in his book Nature Knows No Color Line, Dr J. A. Rogers presents
The coat of arms of the so called royal families of Europe, if you care to look
for yourself you will see that it is my image ( The Ancient African Egyptian [Moor].
That appears there no DNA comfirmation there.
If all people on earth have a Nationality and all Nationalities are associated with a
land mass how is it possible for there to be native Indians in North and South America
And nothing about the real Indians from the country called India.
All it would take is a little DNA TESTING RIGHT!

China, Chinese, Cuba Cubans, Aboriginal Australians, etc etc;
Why does the DNA program omits the original and rightful owners of the Americas
When there are thousands of Ancient African Egyptian caves mummies and tombs
blocked off in the grand canyon alone. Not to mention the thousands of pyramids
and mounds found all over North, Central and South America built by Native
people commonly referred to as being black. lets get out the DNA kit.
Please understand me I'm not talking about what I believe, these are facts that I can
not only prove but put on the table.
The rock of Gibraltar was named after an Moorish African General named Tarik, the Africa Moors ruled Spain for 780 years but no DNA mentioned or news coverage, see (The Moors in Spain by Stanley Lane Poole
40 miles off the coast of Florida ( where I live ) in the Atlantic Ocean is a 400 ft
high pyramid, but no news coverage on that. Stretching across the floor of the Atlantic Ocean
are whole cities built by the Ancient African Egyptians, no DNA test puts anyone there.
What about the so called land of Atlantis, The DNA test jumps across the Atlantic ocean
and lands in place called Africa ….Hummmmmmm ! How convenient.
The United Nations has stated that the so called black people in the State called Louisiana are the oldest
people on the planet, predating the royal Ancient African families of Egypt ( Egyptian )

Where on earth is the Caucasian a native outside of the mountains and caves of Europe
What is an Australian if his skin is not dark. ?

What is this DNA business ?

Agnes Johnson states the following: It is all about the Land. It is not like owning a building. The land includes the type of trees, soil, water, animals etc that is the value.

When will the DNA test be used to prove the so called black people are indeed native to the lands called
the Americas.

If , DNA proved in 2016 a so called black man murdered and raped a so called white woman
in 1960 and was sent to prison, why is no DNA test done on the murdered and raped women of Moorish and Egyptian
Decent in the 1960 no one sent to prison for that and no test done.

The DNA program is just that, programming of the mind, created by descendants of the same
people who told you the earth was flat, and we all descended from monkeys.

Now that it has been promoted by the media all they have to do is say your guilty of a crime because
our DNA program says so.
There was once a time when all we had to do is watch where we leave our foot prints
now we have to watch where we spit and poop too.

Well if you do an investigation on your ancient story and then His-story you may be able
to see through a lot of things and add a little common sense you ll be alright, if you don't know
how to do DNA testing for yourself and make a determination for your self, then you can be
at the mercy of those who told you there could be Indians in the United States without
a Nationality and Man kind landed on the Moon.........That was a good one !

Have a nice day !

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