Black Entertainment : Zootopia: Yes, Disney Made a Movie About White Supremacy and the War on Drugs

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    Last week
    Zootopia, the 55th animated Disney film, debuted in theaters to critical appraise and a huge box office. The previous 54 were mostly about either plucky young girls or talking animals, and Zootopia is no different in that regard, except this time it’s a plucky young girl who happens to be a talking animal.

    And yet
    Zootopia is nothing like any Disney animated movie you’ve ever seen. This movie is what happens when the people who made Bambi and Dumbo team up with some conspiracy-minded Hoteps. Who knew the folks at Disney had it in them to make the most searing, complicated and subversive film about race, drugs and policy since Traffic ... but with furry animals?

    quote alert: I’m giving away some key plot points about Zootopia, so if you haven’t seen it yet or just have a deep medical aversion to spoilers, stop reading now.

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