Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe's president kicks out private diamond miners

Chaya Chaim

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Feb 1, 2016
And the Edomites and their media will call him evil, yes, because stopping these heathens using our Israeli kids in slavery cutting their arms off if they don't meet quotas is "moral family values ":10400:...kinda like another Edomite from 1492...nothing new under the sun as king Solomon sang greatly..Easu thinks they created everything lol...they created things alright, war, rape, cannibalism, incest, child molesting etc..

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Feeling good today fam...just been reading a couple of books. I think Dennis Kimbro's "Daily Motivations for African American Success" is one of the best motivational books on the market. This book has motivation for each day of the year on each page and all of these relate to your own Blackness. No matter what you're experiencing there's something in that book you could draw from. ✊
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