Chief Elder Osiris : Zimbabwe: Whites Kneel before Blacks asking Forgiveness

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    Date: Tuesday, 12 September 2006, 2:26 a.m.

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    [I doubt this is very "real". I am highly suspicious of this "European African Reconciliation Process" organisation. It sounds very similar to what Vlok just did in S.Africa where he washed the Reverend Frank Chikane's feet. I loved a comment from a Zimbabwean woman, where she coined a new word. She said is "Vlokking" becoming a trend?

    I think our black leaders would love it. But I think it is all insanity, and these religious leaders are crazy. If they want whites to ask forgiveness, then they should go and get hold of the Arabs who practised even more slavery. This, to me, is just a propaganda exercise. And that if happened in Zimbabwe... makes me EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS. I'd look for the hand of Robert Mugabe and/or Thabo Mbeki in this. Its a load of rubbish. Jan]

    Church leaders spark debate in Zim

    Harare - A group of church leaders from Europe has stirred debate in crisis-ridden Zimbabwe by coming to ask forgiveness for past wrongs committed by Western countries. The leaders knelt before officials, including former Mozambican president Joaquim Chissano, on Friday. They asked for forgiveness for ills committed during the slave-trade era as well as during colonial times, the state-controlled Herald newspaper reported. The delegates, from an organisation calling itself the European African Reconciliation Process, said Britain, Zimbabwe's former colonial power, had dehumanised Africans. Briton Chris Seaton said: "We repent for robbing Africans of their history and identity. Today we ask forgiveness in Jesus' name before you and God." The gesture has aroused mixed reactions in a country struggling amid sky-high inflation and spiralling prices. President Robert Mugabe's government blames Britain and the West for his country's economic crisis, saying Zimbabwe's enemies have imposed illegal sanctions on the poor. A columnist in the official Sunday Mail ridiculed the church leaders confessions, saying Western countries had continued with their destabilisation tactics. But Chissano said he was humbled by the church leaders' gesture

    From The Star, 5 September

    Zimbabwe: Whites Kneel before Blacks asking Forgiveness

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved this information shared with you deserve a comment, be it True or false, the point is, to me what the information is suggesting, serve as an insult to the Children of the Diaspora, here by way of the middle passage, so if any apology is in order concerning the action of Chattel Slavery, the first to be offered such an apology are the Children of the Middle passage who happen to be the genetic representatives of our Enslaved Ancestors and when it come to talk about forgiveness, concerning the most evil act by a Human Being upon a once Divine Being, such a forgiveness must only come at the consent of those seeking forgiveness, to address their government in favor of paying Reparation to the victims of Chattel Slavery, whom their children now represent as their proxy, since our Enslaved Ancestors are not here in body to make and receive such a claim as Reparation.

    Why is it that everybody, from the Afrikan in Afrika to the perpetrators of the crime of Chattel Slavery, seem to be Hell bent on disrespecting the Children of those that were Enslaved by the ancestors of those now parading around in Afrika pretending to be so sorry about what their Ancestors did to the so call Black Afrikan, if those indicating to be so sad and sorry for what happen to Afrika under colonialism and our Enslaved Ancestors, victims of Chattel Slavery, then every Knee must bow and every tongue must confess to the evil wrong done to our Enslaved Ancestors and thus to their children, who happen to be the living proof of the damage Chattel Slavery have caused upon the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors, thus to Afrika.

    We have become children without a Home State to call our own, a lost of our Mother Tongue, a disrespect for our Mother and Father Continent Afrika and with a complete lost of the knowledge of whom we are, an illness that have caused us, the children of the middle passage to hate our Black selves and love the Enemy of our Enslaved Mothers and Fathers, yet it is as if nobody desire to acknowledge the evil that the Children of the Middle passage have endured, and is most deserving of demanding and receiving our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and the Inheritance Rights to a portion of the Land of our Enslaved Ancestors, which make us to be deserving of becoming the next additional State in Our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land, which happen to be that so call Afrika Continent.

    Our Enslaved Ancestors did in fact earn their children the Divine Right to be treated with the utmost of respect, those of us that are deserving of such respect, and they are known by the way we conduct ourselves toward our Enslaved Ancestors, their Home Land, ourselves, and the source of our Enslaved Ancestors problem, which make that source to be the problem that now face the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors today, and will continue to be the source of the children of the middle passage problem until the payment of Reparation and the movement to Repatriate back to our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land, and we become the next established Sovereign State in Afrika, when that happen, then the world will know that those offering an apology at Home and Abroad for the assisting in and implementing of the action of the institution of Chattel Slavery, is sincere and not before then.

    The only apology the Afrikan in Afrika can entertain from the europeans with dignity, if they so desire, is an apology that is pertained to the action of colonialism, the action of Chattel Slavery did in fact produced off-sprangs and it be those off-sprangs that hold the Divine Right to determine as to whether or not we will entertain an act of an apology and will lay the ground rule for such an act to be accepted or rejected or entertained at all.

    Therefore, any apology in the name of Chattel Slavery, and does not come riding the wings of Reparation, Repatriation, Rights to Land in Afrika where a Sovereign State will be established, without those concession, any apology will serve as a mockery to the action of Enslaving Our Afrikan Ancestors.

    You May Take It Or Leave It alone, It Remain True And Just..

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
    First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism / Sankofa Repatriation Movement