Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe admits 'errors' on land

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    BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Zimbabwe admits 'errors' on land
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    A major task of the post-independence period is for us to replace the white settler economy with one for all the people, for the black majority.

    The white settler economy was not our economy and could not be our economy. Our independence would be utterly useless if it did not also mean the coming of a new vibrant economy.

    It is not true that people without the slightest idea of farming got land, the first people to get the land were peolpe who worked on those farms.Some of them have sent most of they lifes working on those farms.

    The problem with the land reform is the fast track was not led by policy or law. Policy and law followed later and that always creates serious governance problems wherever and whenever it happens. There have been serious attempts by the government to fix the problem.

    it is also true some of the land is not being used, this is because of the lack of Government support.But the main problem is there is a need to give security of tenure to the beneficiaries of the land reform program.This is crucial.

    The other is nationalizing land and claiming it belongs to the State where the State has been personalized and monopolized as has happened in my country is very dangerous.

    I think the solution to President Robert Mugabe,the western countries and the white commercial farmers problem is compensation.

    We have to complete the Land reform by coming up with a realistic programme of compensating the former white commercial farmers not just for improvements on the land but also the land itself.

    I am sure that the international community, through the UN, could and will ultimately play a crucial role in bringing this matter to a closure satisfactory to all the interested parties. Otherwise, I have no doubt that the land reform itself is irreversible and that the challenges beyond the issues has to do with the productive utilization of the land by the new farmers.

    The Land reform has not yet failed,it most not fail other countries land reform depend on zimbabwe's ,to pevent it from failing the Government will have to assist the new farmers in more serious ways than I have seen.

    Farming is not an overnight wonder.Also, we have to think beyond farming and diversify our economic base.