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    Zeus [in reverse]; the Suez Canal;
    The Three Temples of Noah’s Sons

    The Temple of Zeus-----------------Shem
    The Temple of Amun [Khnum]---Ham [Kham/Cham]
    The Temple of Apollo [Japollo]---JapHeth
    The Temple of Jupiter [Japiter]----JapHeth

    4022 BC---3882----2356----------1436--------Roman Era----------AD 2008
    -------------------2456 BC---------------------------------------------------------

    Shem: from 2456 BC-to-1854 BC

    There were many temples and many forms of temple worship before and after the temple worship of Shem, Ham and JapHeth. And like the other people, both men and women, of whom became worshiped as gods, these sons of Noah were held in a similar high regard for thousands of years as deities to the world especially after they died. But however, the Israelites and the Black Greeks of the later Carian-Dorian Greek empire show that they went back and forth between ‘reality and myth’ when it came to these sons of Noah. Also, even though they were actually worshiped as gods thousands of years ago, it was actually after the Separation of Church and State in our modern times that these stories became important again and in regards to Shem and JapHeth, they became categorized under the subject heading of ‘Greek and Roman Mythology’. Under the heading of mythology, it thus became acceptable to be taught in the public schools in a unique format and not just under the heading of ‘religions around the world’. In this way, the presence of Shem and JapHeth became ‘a secret code’ to teach some in the public schools but not others! Because of this switch from Bible education under slavery to mythology under the federal educational system, and, because of the switch from ‘history’ as written by men and authors of the Bible to ‘mythology’ written by other men, the general mindset of African American people became somewhat detached from real recorded history that was written by the hand of humans and compiled in the Bible and therefore, much of what we hear about the distant past seems vague.

    Like our history books and current news of the happenings of these days and times that are written by humans, the Bible was also written by humans of whom were born, lived and died. And because of this break from the slave system to the federal system, freed African Americans that eventually became educated under the federal government became further confused as to the validity of many recorded historical events written in the Bible. Even though the Bible contains spiritual aspects, it also contains many historical records but, we are led to believe the Bible is all spiritual and thus the reason why it became outlawed under the federal educational system.

    The approved educational curriculum caused the same affect on African Americans as it did under chattel slavery. We have remained dependent on the government that enslaved our ancestors to teach us their version and their interpretations of the past. In addition, due to the change in foreign policy and the freedom to practice things that they once killed our ancestor for doing, we have become subjected to many scattered and different viewpoints and ideas about religion and the past by the many different kinds of people that later became apart of this powerful country. It was not long after the break of Separation of Church and State in A.D. 1776 that Charles Darwin came up with his elaborate findings and the ‘Theory of Evolution’. The actual Bible that was used to teach us in slavery time was written in Middle English but after the Emancipation Proclamation in A.D. 1865, no federal funds were given out to teach us how to understand the Bible because, as in the chattel slavery days, it had been outlawed once again! Many newly translated versions of the King James Version of the Bible vary significantly in interpretation. So since that time, it has become conveniently left up to us to try and understand and interpret the writings of men and women that wrote stories long ago and compiled in the Bible.

    Based upon my research, many words that regard the life of Shem and his land parallel that of the mythological god Zeus. In fact, the very name of ‘Zeus’ can even be seen in the Bible in other written variations showing that Shem was also known by this name even by the living God. Just like us today, he had other names that described other unique aspects of him. Shem is the very father of the Greeks! His name ‘Zeus’ or phonetically spelled ‘Sus’ connects the very Jesus [Je-SUS] to him! Jesus descended from Shem.

    Like the name of ‘Zeus’, the name ‘Sus’ means ‘water’ and becomes a variation to the name of Zeus. Jesus is the living waters. It would take many books to encompass all of this one name, Zeus, in relation to the history of Shem, his acts and deeds and the history of his descendants. Because this name becomes a mystery revealed, it becomes ever so fascinating. The life of Shem seems to become evident. Some other variations and links to his name would be ‘ses’ as in the name of ‘Moses’ [drawn from water], Shepseskaf [of the 4th Dynasty] and, in the name of ‘Xerses’. Then there would be the root word ‘sos’ [Naxos or Naksos], ‘sis’ [as in Siskal, Mississippi], ‘sus’ [as in Shushan, Susan, Susquehanock] . . . all of these words are associated with ‘water’. One other interesting connection would be ‘Sioux’ of which would be phonetically pronounced the same as the name of ‘Zeus’ and not as ‘Su’.

    After Shem died, his descendants then called him ‘Sabazeus’ [var. Sabazois, Sabazuis, Shaba...] of which means ‘Black Zeus’. He became defined as such after his death due to the many ‘white Greeks’ of ancient times that descended from him. Shem was the father of ‘Asshur’ [white Shur; the Assyrians] and the descendants of Asshur reveal a lot of mysteries about Shem and his conflicts even with Noah. Shem ended up fighting his own descendants long before he even died! The roots of ‘anti-Semitism’ and the hatred against ‘blacks-and-Jews’ stem from some issues that arose due to the actions of the great high priest himself!

    As ‘the god Sabazois’ Shem would be found hidden in history in part of his original lands under the later peoples that took dominion over his lands and under modern day names such as ‘Thracia’, ‘Bulgaria’ and other mountainous countries of East Europe. He also became known as ‘the horse rider god’, a symbolism that connected to the Israelites and all Shem. He became connected to ‘the horse and chariot’ and this becomes evident even in the Bible. He became the thunder god Zeus of whom reigned up on Mt Olympus to the white Greek world. During the age of ‘Democracy’, idols were carved and made in the image of ‘a European man with a full faced beard’. Because Shem was the son of Noah and Noah was ‘perfect in his generations’, Shem would have had a clean face. According to that time period and his warrior sons, Shem would have worn his abundant locks ‘coiffed’ or like a ‘Phiops’ [Ephiops]. That means, Shem would have had his hair styled in a thick, long top knot that would have hung down his back or be covered up under a white cloth hat in times of war.

    According to the Bible and because Shem became named, the next high priest of the world after about 300 years after the Great World Flood, much of his land was also inhabited by many other kinds of people and therefore, a better understanding of early history needs to be placed on a time line. Thousands of years later in the A.D. 1800s, the Suez Canal began to be constructed and even though the names of many lands and countries changed, the name, Suez [Zeus] still connects to Shem and the meaning of ‘water’.

    Originally Printed in May, 2008 [edited]