Brother AACOOLDRE : Zeno, Christianity and slavery

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    ZENO, Zalmoxis, Christianity & Slavery: what they omitted in Sunday School?

    By Andre Austin

    “He, (Zeno), took slavery, which appears to be the worst of evils, to be a perfect good for the fool, for his loss of independent choice would prevent him from erring with impunity, and his character would be improved under the authority set above him” (Philo of Alexandria).This position is advanced by Black Sambo Christian preachers thank God for slavery and bringing them to America away from their cannibal eating, bones in the nose relatives.

    Shifting through the debris of the New Testament Zeno’s philosophy on slavery known as Stoicism is a perfect match. The New Testament didn’t outlaw slavery is out right saw it as State’s rights given its authority from God you **** well submit to it in “Everything”=Titus 2:9. Suck up to the desires and wishes of your master in an deserved or undeserved beating 1 Peter 2:20. They had the Stoics so bent in their mind they would smile during their beatings. Shoot! They might as well of said “thank you sir may I have another” while the whip was being administered. Paul also advocated being a fool for Christ ( 1 Cor 4:10).

    Corrupted forms Stoicism found its way it NT terminology of being indifferent to Hot or Cold. This wasn’t just a physical meteorological assessment but a spiritual temperature too. Lukewarm was the operative temperature for balance towards righteousness. Original the Christian wasn’t supposed to get hot-minded or cold-hearted towards those who were mistreating him and return Temp for Temp. You were to maintain a balance of Lukewarm, a warm heart of righteousness known in Egypt as “Tefnut”. The evil ones turnt everything out, and upside down and made the term:“Lukewarm” the enemy. For Paul no one could be righteous (Romans 3:10) and that was his own distorted opinion. If it was true then God shouldn’t of told Cain to Master over Satan/sin (Genesis 4:6-7) and Jesus shouldn’t of told people to sin no more. And the key word for this was Repentance.

    Clearly a God wasn’t talking to any Bible writer or in the Koran that wanted you to endure slavery and sex slavery.

    Note: Another dude with the letter Z, (Sometimes beginning with an S),you should look him up too because he was also used in the Jesus composite literature formation was Zalmoxis. Herodotus mentions him in his book 4:93. Zalmoxis was a slave of Pythagoras who studied the Egyptian version of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The NT has Jesus parody Pythagoras miracle of the 153 fish in John 21.