Black Poetry : Youza Busta

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    Never knew me from the jumpstreet,
    have no idea what i'm about,
    i'm from South Carolina,
    i'm from that star constellation,
    you despise me to the depths,
    you envy what couldn't do,
    you straight jealousy,
    i seen straight through you,
    i got the backup of my bloodline,
    and one of the three Queens,
    who taught me the meaning,
    of unconsciousness,
    you sleeping,
    while i'm coming up with a quickness,
    all about my plans i can't share with you,
    cause youza busta.

    See the real enemy is inside,
    and wouldn't bust one grape,
    except those juices inside in your throat,
    choking to get it,
    i know people on a universal level,
    this ain't about political talk,
    get it off your chest if you ain't feeling me,
    keep thinking as you will,
    while i keep "thinking" as i will,
    cause youza busta in disguise.

    I ain't no colorism,
    or nationality,
    i am universal,
    you never been homeless,
    have you?
    You never seen the soul,
    of an individual who gave,
    you they last bread,
    without looking at you,
    as a stereotype figure,
    have you?
    But i see you clearly,
    and if i ever see you,
    face to face,
    these two brickwalls,
    gone lay an impression,
    upon your chest,
    you will never forget,
    cause youza busta.

    You got haters,
    in disguise,
    this goes out,
    to you number one fool,
    i split you in two,
    as the two jokers,
    and i don't need you,
    keep thinking,
    i don't know my annals,
    getting jealous,
    cause the universe,
    has helped me,
    through thick and thin,
    and i know thyself,
    i was once a King,
    on the chessboard,
    to the reality,
    you breathing in,
    like i said before,
    shame on oppression,
    but you ain't deep enough,
    and if my bloodline,
    ain't enough testament,
    then come meet us,
    compacted as one in me,
    get out my shadow,
    cause your eyes,
    can't see me,
    youza busta.

    I got my plan in full motion you smell me like those slugs that keep moving at night moving mutha'z load? You seen me and now you don't...leaving a florescent trail behind. Ain't it magickal??? But you keep on insisting to oppress me while i'm doing "real" things on-ground seriously to include busting these two collegiate degrees out straight solo without no help. I planned that military career to the tee but you want to know everything so you can be on top you snobby nose uncle tom wanna-be leader. This ain't no show and don't let me to speaking broken english fool. Youza the enemy to yoself. I know my roots and take up pride in them to the fullest but i gotta plan sow reap yours. Tired of your hating behind...i promote myself and if you gotta problem with it then step up. If you gotta problem of how the way i muse my ancestors and my elders to get the mission done of the orders i was dealt as the purpose i serve then step up. I know more about the world in today's time than you can ever imagine. Write fool. You see the comparison of literature from how much they have compile?? Fool you keep speaking on me but turn your target at them. But oh you scared and can't see souls with discernment huh? Keep thinking i'mma fool and don't know what i'm doing. You can't see nor know me so stay the funk out of my business. I swear you can't even prophet your own dreams into realities without people tugging on you like "eh you stupid and don't know what your doing youngster who deem rebellious like those good ole Americans labeled you just as I and unfit in my mentality cause i am greater than you with a stick up my behind and been here longest.." Fool you can't even see the spiritual world and know what i have been through in the physical. I've been attacked more than six times by different two different colors: black and white and both genders. Get your own life and stop oppressing or putting salt out there. Go attack your purpose or shut the funk up on mine and find your mission to do. I got my back-up from the Queen Nefertiti to Queen Nzinga to Queen Tubman to my Great Grandmutha Rubi and you messing with the wrong great great great great-son. Act like i never been in the pentagon or among those NATO forces and they ain't acting civilize in no manner slamming laws down so quick it'll make your head spin. You know nothing about surveillance and i use to be the one patrolling it along with others. War ain't is destruction. You sleeping and these streets are getting worst if you can't teach one to build up they arts to replace what was taken hundreds of years ago and i ain't laying down for no bullets cause if i walk outside in about three hours it is a chance i might not come back. I talk with the youth twenty four seven. I'm just tired of your hating tail to the max now. I had a sergeant before who acted just like you and know what he did in front of 4 NATO representatives while three brothers did all the work for him while partied as we kept his back clean? He wrote on the board while letting them into a secure area H.N.I.C (Head Negro In Charge) but he really meant ***** and to them it was Ni**er. And said it proudly to them while they laughed together and we was like what in the heck is this fool doing!!! Yeah he was a brother too and you remind me of him too. And he tried to deny me my promotion (but i still made the E-6 list at age 23) cause he saw what i was doing to include others...and that was lead. I'm a free field spiritual being and you still a house Negro. My Great Grandmutha can see straight through you. Youza busta.

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    I don't understand,
    why you always trying to shoot me down,
    just to bring yourself up,
    I say in my lane,
    And there i found a thread,
    It seemed to be interesting,
    It related to me and my efforts,
    Obviously no one is speaking about it,
    But you consistently tries to shoot me,
    I did nothing wrong but pursue,
    My purpose and i be darn you keep,
    Targeting me while i am doing me,
    I can't even blog in peace,
    tired of you hater and anybody else,
    I'm just tired.....