Black People : You've Been Trumped

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    We all have the right to make our own determination as to whom we wish to be our President. However, i would have folks of color who are supporting Donald Trump to pay attention to this Scottish film entitled YOU'VE BEEN TRUMPED. Let the people of Scotland tell you via their film YOU'VE BEEN TRUMPED just what Trump promises amount to. He promised a golf course that would not harm the ecosystem and multiple jobs, and housing. The Scottish government gave Trump the green light but what the villagers got was ruined dunes, threats of eviction, arresting those protesting Trump's illegally seizing the land of individuals refusing to sell to Trump. Trump security and local police bullying residence on behalf of the Trump Corporation, cutting off resident's water and electricity, harassment, attempts to seize their land claiming it was Trump land, being maligned by Trump's PR and Security machine, no jobs and having to take Trump to Court. The community fought back hard but Trump had already destroyed the land and done considerable damage to the community. Trump eventually moved on to Ireland where he claimed he would build yet another beautiful golf course. What effectively transpired was despite Trump saying the people loved him, he used his power and wealth to trample all over the little guys going so far as to take from them without even buying. Watch the video and ask yourselves if you can see Trump doing to America politically what he did to the Scottish environmentally.