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    Should be featured on Youtube?


    I have a few ideas that involve exposing more of the content on on Youtube. I'm not certain what it would gain Mother Destee as far as "exposure" but perhaps it could generate more "interest" in the site. I also understand that might not be a good thing?

    The initial thought is, why not take advantage of the large collection of diverse black perspectives that provides? Even if it's only for entertainment.

    I would like to create some youtube pieces for, and actually I'm sure there are other members here that wouldn't mind doing so as well. Of course not without the approval and permission of Mother Destee.

    One project I've been meditating on:
    The top 25 things every Black person should know before the year 2009.

    I'm not even sure yet what those top 25 things are!! But I'm sure our Destee minds will come up with something.

    I would like those interested to post a short "sound bite" - something that will fit neatly between quotes- and we can use your Destee screen name or another name if you wish. Example:

    "Your melanin is a terrible thing to waste." -- Ra Israel.

    Other members can also vote on the ones they believe should go into the piece. Most likely the piece will be simple, but I'm certain it will become very popular.

    Any ideas?