Black Poetry : Youth, Gangs, Crypts, Bloods, I Have Become A Man

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    Youth, Gangs, Crypts, Bloods, I Have Become A Man
    Author Jacqueline Amos

    Upon the darkness of night,
    I sit holding my father tight.
    Wanting him near, and the tears turned to blood.
    He sits upon the tree as the tears fell upon his eyes.
    He said my son I have forsaken you
    of all your hopes and dreams.
    I the image of man, means nothing upon this earth,
    I cried with my father every tear drop that fell.

    Father why have you stayed away for so long.
    I thirst for the knowledge of a image of a man.
    My son said the father in the quiet of the storm,
    I have not forsaken you, I seek for
    the same knowledge as you my son.
    I put my palms in his hands, we danced through the valley,
    Sharing the same tears. I my son the child within, I one day
    Will be able to teach you to be a man.

    I cry for the curse that I passed on through my genes.
    I cry for the wisdom that I one day
    shall present you with great things.
    The sky open and man fell to there’s
    knee’s dancing upon the valley.
    Lord teach me how to be a King.

    Paradise of my prison
    Belly of the beast
    Maintaining displaced
    Wars. Bars. Cells
    There is no Air
    Surrounding dark an gray
    Harvesting the hate.
    Assembling songs of hate
    Elevating, Motivation, rejuvenating
    the family curse
    Exonerate of words
    My living hell
    The inner spirit of man,
    Infractions of hate,
    Guilty I must pay ,
    Repentance to late.
    Be afraid of life not death.
    Sipping on death.
    Darkness of my turf,
    I live among the belly of the beast
    Walk like a man,
    Death at its on hand,
    Capitalistic dysfunctions,
    Extermination of man,
    Society Programmed,
    See a self-destruction.
    Who created who?
    High standards,
    Low morality that judge me,
    Inferiority Programmed society,
    Humiliations, psychological lynching,
    In the name of God.
    Interaction, unbalanced, Sealed with hate
    Where the codes of honor,
    Abomination of dignity I pledge to disgrace,

    During the duration of this world order,
    Symbolizations of a confusion
    of a false Jesus. As son as father.
    The cries of our children, the
    crypts a formation where
    Jesus laid, the blood that he shed,

    the pain that flows through our children vain.
    Manifestations of lost souls, who inflict
    pain for the rituals starving for the
    Connection of an ancestor who gave
    his life that man would be free.
    The betrayal of his brothers who came
    in the name black man.
    The friend the father, the son,
    the blood that lies upon mans hand.
    The order to kill if the bondage doesn’t stick.
    Betrayal of the colors, which he wears,
    dreams only of death
    And disappear brother hood, where
    man would not go.

    I lye upon the cross. Let my ancestors
    define my cause.
    The law of miss knowing a close mind
    will only confuse you.
    The law of un doing. The spirit of one
    generation becomes the history
    Of the next. The blood that runs upon
    the rivers, the sea’s that enters.
    I the Messiah locks of my father,
    test of faith, who is my brother?
    I have felt the pain the betrayal of
    thy seed, instant death jealousy and hate.
    Let not thy right hand defend thy left.
    I the Black Messiah cry in silence
    The roots of my tree is dead. I have sent
    my brothers to defend my cause.

    There legacy as mind shall not be
    in vain. Sealed in a book an un just cause.
    Who pleads my case. I the Black
    Messiah the Solomon as I my brother,
    The lynching of thy roots lives in
    a cocoon, who fights our cause.

    Truth and off set to self.
    I am not dead the voices cries from the soul.
    Hear the screaming of the winds,
    I shall not go under.
    I gave my life for my brother.
    The haunting of thy soul shall follow me.
    Salvation that lye upon my feet, As the
    slain that lies upon the grave.
    Thy trespasses lie upon me. My eyes
    cries by reason of my wraith.
    I must now reap the sore of my brothers
    disobedience upon the earth.
    But unto thee I come as a humble child
    to thy God, I stand before my Almighty
    God, forgive thee dear lord. I give thy
    blood upon you, thy loving kindness
    upon thy head, thy faithfulness in
    destruction has taken charge
    Shall thy wonders be known upon the dark.
    That my children shall not feel the pain.

    I walk within the battlefield of the devil,
    I shall fear no evil for thou art with thee,
    I walk into the wars of the earth,
    I the love, the peace maker of your faith,
    I have seen the dead,
    an the killers of men.

    Within theses walls a thirsting to belong,
    a family that dose not exist.
    The false teachings and leaders that don’t exist.
    Listen to the screams of the 4th
    generations that have been cursed.
    The crypts the pain beaten into a circle,
    strength that he must show,
    Pain must be inflicted to receive its crown.
    Religion against Religion, Gang against gang,
    territory against territory, brother against brother.
    Satins revenge that is your God?

    Criminals on patrol, forsaken a image
    which knows nothing of which it followers,
    The link between heaven and hell.
    The blood that drips from my brother’s mouth,
    the blood that flood from Jesus
    Hand, the thieves that stood before
    the cross, the murder of a savior
    Who only brought love, the death of
    thy brother by ones own hand,

    The gangsters that wait upon my death.
    There is no Father I can call; there
    is no image to teach me self-control,
    The Father and the Son and the spirit.
    Brothers willing to die for the color of its rag.
    Brothers who link the battle within the Universe.
    Brothers who call each other Son.
    Son of the Father, listen to the screams of the Youth
    A thirst for there Fathers blood.

    Mycological lynching each and every day.
    Long to hear the words from thy Almighty son.
    Let me tell you the secrets of being a great man.
    Oh how I cry upon the night, turning
    my pillows on the other side.
    The termination of God, which is used
    within our youth’s crowd,
    Curse by the sperm that created darkness
    that there Son’s may cry.
    Sisters and Brothers joined within the
    furor of hell.
    Devil worshipers God said the curse
    should fall upon the children,
    Let me break it down nice and slow,
    blind that refuse to see,
    When the light is a clear, Genocide
    within the rotten roots of a fool,
    The thieves that stood before the cross,
    the betrayal as the foundation of parents
    who just don’t give a dam, fathers who
    abandon there seeds.

    Mama baby daddy maybe who really give fu--.
    Crying that slave masters did it to me,
    Get of the titter and free your self.
    Brothers against Brothers protection of the link.
    Listen as the cries get louder and louder.
    The pain that lies within the soldiers against fathers.
    Confliction war against the treason of love.
    Pain within that cries we are one.
    Society that drips bloods from our children
    Who lives within the belly of the beast?
    Listen as they cry I declare death
    The symbolic image, which represent the man
    Who never came home, murder the dignity
    Of an association which is spilled in blood.

    White powder that clouds the mind,
    kill my brother sell him dope.
    A universe of Zombies the walking dead.
    Children raising children, Children raising parents.
    Close minds saviors that live in the dark.

    Nature contains the history of the evolution
    of matter, life, and man. It is the arena
    of past, present, and future. It contains
    every quest that man can pursue.
    A thirsting entry that leads into from
    where it extended, extensive new root
    planting of locally indigenous circle.
    The tree the root defines a series of
    versatile crying to be release, the blood
    that continues to leak, until the fountains
    run dry, knowledge and wisdom activities
    and events. The historical significance
    summoned by the ancestors, reconsidered
    as the blood of thy brother, shall continue
    to repeat until the mission of thy father
    answers to the curse, trampling on Gods
    creations shall not be erased, both
    culturally and physically relevant to
    the link to the heavens and earth

    All rights reserved
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    very nice for the bruthas on da street need to seek GOD !
    speak on
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    Security Guard
    This was nice.. thank you for posting. Perhaps some of the youth will see this and understand.
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    definitely a learning and teaching piece..
    keep flowing...and showing...
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    To come to a place in time when the mind sees the self destruction for what it truly is, and the realization causes change. You spelled out the truth sister, perhaps one day they will see. The message is deeply felt.

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    blessings my family in spirit continue to write, the doors of passage will open sooner than you think, with the faith of God we are one. The new generations of prophets will have the last words. :love:
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    true indeed there is no better path to vibe in with faith thy Father
    opens up thy hands unto thee.....yes indeed thankz for dis sis...
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    ~The hidden library...~
    Very deep and thought provoking message...

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Much luv,