Black People : You're About Unity and Black Love - But You Can't Get Along with Black People Here


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Feb 9, 2001
Some "Black" people here exclude themselves with their refusal to engage in open, honest communication! They seem to think that this is some type of game we are playing! You cannot build unity with those who don't understand the concept. Who are not willing to get down off of their high horse and answer questions, instead of always asking questions and demanding answers, as if they themselves are beyond reproach. As young student radicals in the sixties and seventies, at the Community College of Baltimore, we didn't play those games. No one was beyond reproach, and the real wise old elders like Dr. John Henrik Clarke, and Dr. Yusef-Ben-Jochannon, insisted that we ask questions and they answered because they COULD!!! Again being "Black" is not enough, we must be Afrikan. Being Black was not enough in the Black Power Movement, and it is not enough today!

Is being "Afrikan" a state of mind and Black only your race?

How do you distinguish between the two?

sekou kasimu

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Apr 12, 2013
Baltimore, Maryland
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Is being "Afrikan" a state of mind and Black only your race?

How do you distinguish between the two?
That's a good way to look at it! ;) Although I have no problem with the expression "Afrikan race" either. ;)

P.S. I don't expect to get along with a lot of blacks, still running from their Afrikan ethnic identity, begging for integration and assimilation, and still saluting old Glory and singing God Bless America! ;)


Apr 7, 2013
In the final analysis, a MB is a marketplace of ideas. When one is passionate about one's ideas, their responses tend to be passionate. If one doesn't really care if X is Y or Y is X, they won't get stressed when someone says it's neither. :10500: The one who does care will go into either fight or persuasion mode (or say everybody's stoopid!, and log off). Unity implies a coming together of many on some basis. Any coming together of a group of diverse personalities with diverse opinions into a union means a giving up, or a modification of ideas that each holds dear, i.e., compromise. In a marketplace of ideas, however, this is not necessary. Some people agree while others disagree on any particular idea (for instance, "what is the best economic system for African people?") and each faction throws their idea into the marketplace arena. Since there is no "prize" at the end of the convo, there's no need for compromise. It's a 'take it or leave it' dealey.

If one is looking for unity, well, better spell out what you mean by it. Do you want everyone to unified in agreement on everything? How do you do that? I mean, if I hate the color yellow and "whomever does the deciding on what I am to agree with" decides that yellow will be the favorite color of all the females on the board, am I to somehow "adjust" my emotions to "like" the color yellow? Again, how do you do that? Look at the thread on Bill Cosby. Who should decide if we love or trash the Cos? To have "unity" there has to be a consensus on who and what the group is to unify on. Unity is a nice notion, but on a MB, it not only is near impossible, but would make for rather dull reading. Not to mention "Stepford Wives" posters.

Not only is a MB good for diverse opinions (the black community is NOT a monolith of thought, thus a united opinion of people, places, events, the world on a MB is highly unlikely)... but if used correctly, can help to refine one's thinking on a particular subject (provided the person doesn't refuse to be confused by the facts!). In another thread, I said that if anyone spies any black self-hate in my postings, to please, let me know. I meant that. The ONLY way I can "refine" my ideas on any subject is that others see a flaw, or can give feedback (links, life experience, etc.) which IMPROVES the idea. Which is why it always amazes me when people throw an idea into the arena of a marketplace filled with strangers and are surprised when one of them says it's whack! We should always take into consideration that our friends, neighbors and relatives may think like us, but everyone doesn't.

As for love, well, I love my people, but if one comes (uninvited) through my bedroom window in the dead of night..... In other words, while we love black people, no one loves every single, black individual on the face of the earth!

That said, I cannot think of one person I might disagree with on this forum during the day that I would absolutely, categorically refuse to party with at night.... then come back tomorrow and put them on blast for their "ideas." With some, maybe, but with me, it's not personal.


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Nov 16, 2011
Do you really expect the house negroes and field negroes to unite?
The two are not as different as they seem. Both were against slavery. Or more accurately, both the integrationist and the separatist were against segregation. One point is more Philosophically sound than the other, however it's my impression that we have a duty of teaching the greater point, not dividing or fighting among ourselves around it.


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Jun 18, 2004
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When one is passionate about one's ideas, their responses tend to be passionate..
perhaps when one is ruled by emotion their responses tend to be passionate.
passion and emotion may tend to work against logic and clear thinking.
a mature person is not ruled by emotion.
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