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We have to be careful of the verbiage used. but Lets examine ancient egypt and the practices as it pertains to astrology.

Day 2

Historical Astrology In Egypt

Astrology has played a major role in society since the beginning of civilization, and maybe even before that. Its influence can be seen in almost every part of the world.

Astrology’s history is a long one, and common belief is that its origins lie with the Greeks. However, a closer look shows that the foundations for astrology were laid much earlier than that, and the Egyptians had much to do with this. The Egyptian influence will be discussed shortly; but first, it will be very helpful to describe the history of astrology up to the point that the Egyptians became involved.

The Sumerians, who settled in Mesopotamia around 4000 BC, mark the first example of a people who worshipped the sun, moon, and Venus. They considered these heavenly bodies gods, or the homes of gods. The moon god’s name was Nanna, the sun god was called Utu, and the god of Venus was named Inanna. These were not the only gods the Sumerians worshipped; in fact, other gods, especially those of creation, were more important in the Sumerian pantheon. The Akkandians, near Sumer, adopted the sun, moon and Venus gods, changing their names. This was common with the gods in ancient times: the gods were accepted by a society, but their names were changed, depending on who had conquered whom.

The priests of the time who communicated with the gods were the first rulers. Temple systems were created and staffs of as many as several hundred to several thousand people in various roles were "employed" to fulfill various needs of the priests. There were junior priests, counselors, musicians, potters, etc. Later, it became necessary to have military leaders and some of these became kings. These kings usually had in their company a seer, or "baru-priest." This person was an interpreter of the skies -- he would read the sky for warnings, which usually involved eclipses of the moon. It could be said that the "baru-priests" were the first actual astrologers. In order to be able to communicate with the gods, mounds were built which represented shrines. These, over time, grew to larger structures called "ziggurats." (Later, these ziggurats would be used to map the star formations and to watch the sky for omens.)

The Sumerian baru-priests were under quite a bit of pressure to predict correctly. Predictions became more an art than science, since the priests had to be a bit crafty in their work. They did succeed in predicting eclipses with correct mathematics; thus contributing greatly to the later development of the laws of astronomy. (It may be useful at this point for some to make the distinction between astrology and astronomy. Astronomy is the scientific study of the stars and planets and their movements. Astrology is the pseudoscientific study of the influence those heavenly bodies and their movements have on humankind.) Astrology as we, or even the ancient Greeks, would consider it did not exist at this time. The priests were concerned with predicting natural events (weather, eclipses, etc.) in order to maintain their power. Their efforts, however, did contribute to the development of astrology -- they designed a calendar; identified the basic cycles of the sun, moon, planets and stars; and divided their year into twelve months based on the moon’s twelve cycles during a year.

I have more....................:em2300:

This is great info hun TY so much!
Thank you very much... I will have a good day and I wish you two nothing but the best... As for this discussion, you both have shown your true colors and neither of you are worth discussing anything with. You are both on the defensive, you both came here with the thought in mind that you weren't wanted here. Most of the threads that you two have participated in, including this one, when you are called out on your weak arguements, causing you to resort to foolishness, you have made mention about how this site has shown a contradiction to what it promotes and that Mods are somehow showing favortism, you have even compared this site to another site you previously to attended, claiming that this site just as messy as the other site. :10500: It's not a surprise that even after you were given a winner status and put in blue, that you still held on to that premature view. It's a pitty how our people have a difficult time with acknowledging the good things we have done for each other, yet instead, look for those petty small things about each other that we take offense to for no real apparent reason, as opposed to the hundreds of good things we have done for each other...smh, If that kind of act is not emotional and taking things personal, I don't know what else could be.

Never the less, when all else fails, make the arguement about the opposing individual, make the opposing individual the arguement as opposed to staying on topic and debating the persons argument, or having enough sense to just give it up. You both accuse folks of doing those things that you do... taking things personally, getting emotional etc. I stuck to the topic, I handled my self very well as far as being knowledgeable about Astrology and having some basic knowledge about Astronomy/Science. What I knew of Astronomy/Science supported those things I stated for which the same can not be said about the opposing view.

The proof is in this thread... When Mercury retrograde is over, which is today but I would give it about 5 more days to wear off, you can both come back to this thread and view it for yourselves, if you are honest with yourseleves, hopefully you will see who the emotional ones are and were and who are the ones who have been taking things personally. Anyone who stoops to using what took place in Haiti as a last desperate resort and means to defend their argument, is pitiful in my view and to premature to discuss anything. You can say all you want that you didn't misuse Haiti but any blind man can see that you did. Science/Astronomy didn't help Haiti either but you neglected to mention that, so you see, what you said was in fact an instigation tactic, for which your friend hurriedly and excitedly took and ran with, only to foolishly fall even further into the descension. I argued my points and I stuck to my points, I also called him out on his many flaws... dislike me all you want for being able to do that (you wouldn't be the first and most likely not the last) but that still won't make the Sun shine any brighter, or any less brighter on the character you two have shown here.

No matter what false statements you continue to make about me in your effort to have a one up in saving face, I am done with this thread, so from here on out, you can bet your life you won't see another post from me in this thread again...




since you've said that you are done with this thread, there is no need for me to read much into it. I'm responding because you post this link as a result to a recent comment I made on another thread that you started.

This is a long thread and from what I see there is negativity that doesn't seem appropriate, as I said previously.

Again, I appreciate what you have offered concerning Mercury Retrograde and you have peaked my curiosity about Astrology.
Since I don't want to take this thread off-topic, I'll be very brief and simple...

I agree with some of what you have said. I did not say what I said seeking to go back-and-forth with you; if nothing else, I'd just like for you to become more familiar with Astrology from both sides, instead of staying on the opposition and never considering how it's seen through the eyes of others. You're not going to get very many people to listen to what you're saying when you tell them what to believe and what not to believe. Moreover, don't assume that we focus on Astrology so much to the point where we ignore every and anything else. More than anything else, I can have fun with Astrology, and that is what I do. I can always go deeper with Astronomy and Math and Physics when I choose, but the fact is I haven't rejected them and said Astrology is all-mighty!

Enjoy your studies bruh, and I do wish you the best!


...And that is what I'm now interested in doing; becoming more familiar with Astrology because of what's been offered and shared.

I really appreciate this peaceful post!
I wonder was anything learned / was it productive .
I've finish reading this throughout

It depends upon ones perspective, if your into Astronomy
it was productive, if your into Astrology, it was productive to youir interest in that field, we can all agree to disagree, but it's the manner in which we chose to do it
in that makes all the difference in the world.
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