Black Astrology : Your Zodiac Signs Changes W/ Time.

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Jun 10, 2009
Many People feel that the Zodiac signs of today are the same as when calendars were first created 6000 yrs ago, but the Sun moves 1 degree every 72 in the background of the night sky, SO; I may think that I am a Gemini when the Sun no longer rises in the Gemini Constellation, it rises in a diffrent constellation now in June. This info is important so people will KNOW the truth in Science of how Astronomy dictates to Astroloy; everything is a science, and it's ALWAYS good to know the truth of who you really are , or what you believe
in, this site and others will help you understand the depth of how the Universe works, to many things remain a mystery to our people and we MUST know the truth at all cost.
Peace and I hope you find what your looking for in life:)
good. This could explain some things going on with me right now. Soon as Astrologer does my chart..I can find out. Thanks

Yes, don't fall for the kool-aid sister, astrology is not a science,
but Astronmoy is, --big diffrence, Astrolgogy changes w/ the times
so whatever sign you may think you are under is not accurate according to the science of Astronomy, save your money sister if your spending money on Astrology and study Astronomy, it's more accurate-hotep.
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