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    Dr. Chinweizu poses the following question for our deliberation, at this crucial point when a USAfrica will be the main agenda item at the AU meeting this July in Ghana.

    Chinweizu: The cardinal question is: Do black Africans really want to integrate into a USAfrica with Arab states that practice racial apartheid and still enslave blacks? That are committed to Islamising and Arabising Black Africa?

    Are you aware of:
    · Apartheid & black slavery in Mauritania TODAY
    · Colorism and Arab enslavement of blacks in Sudan TODAY
    · Ethnic cleansing of Nubians in Egypt and Sudan TODAY
    · The centuries-old Arab quest for Lebensraum [living space] in Africa
    · And many other shockers your schools and media didn’t tell you about all these 50 years!

    Your thoughts about a USAfrica

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    I have been advocating for a United Afrikan Nation and such a Union can not take place with the exclusion of the Diaspora Black Afrikans who are in the Diaspora by way of the Middle Passage,

    The call for a United States Of Afrika without first uniting the People of Black Afrika is no more than westernize politics that only serve the interest of the agents of the western world and they are those Black Afrikans who now occupy the Authoritarian, Dictatorial, Tyrannical political position in the water shed western formed States in Afrika today.

    What good is a United States Of Afrika when it is the Arabs States in Afrika that now sit in the seat of power in Afrika and did get in their Afrika position by hook and crook, having the blood of our Ancient Black Afrikan Ancestors dripping from their invading hands and what make it so ridiculous is that you have some so call Black Afrikans who speak in favor of the Arabs occupation of Afrika, as if it is an approval from Allah and Jesus for Afrika to be divided into two Lands, which it is, when each Time that Afrika was United, it came about by the Action of strong Black Afrikans Nationalist knowing what God IS and our Place in the Universe, our First Way Ancestors who understood who the evil is that is dividing, stealing from and oppressing unto death the original people in their own Home Continent, Afrika.

    Here you now have Black confused Afrikans, those as Black as Night disclaiming their birthright and confessing to be Arab over being Black and Afrikan and it is all because foreign Religions have invaded the Land of the goddess and gods and now have been able to corrupt the Mind of the Black World and now in the center of our Blackness, we no longer control the Land of the Ancient of our First Way Divine Black Ancestors and we have the audacity of talking about a United States of Afrika when the Black Nation is a fragmented Black Nation that has been split asunder and scattered to the Four Winds of Queen Mother Earth and you have some so callBlack Folks that have yet to be Mentally Strong enough to recognize such a fact.

    Black People have lost all of our Will to be Free and no longer has the Mind required to deal with a situation that has the Black World acting like lost Minds and is ill equipped to do the necessary thing to Free the Black World and reclaim the Sacred Land and all of our Ancestors Remains and Artifacts and sacred structurs and Documents .

    When we talk about a United States of Afrika we are not talking about a United Black Nation in Afrika and therein lies the problem that face the Black Fragmented Nation.

    Until Black so call Afrikans acknowledge the fact that the Northern ( Lower ) part of our Mother and Father Land is now under occupation and the upper ( Southern ) part of so call Afrika is now being invaded by mainly Arabs and Europeans and everybody else who has a desire to just walk right in and take whatever they want in Afrika, everybody except the Children of the Middle Passage and you tell me that Black so call Afrikans are ready to have a so call United States of Afrika when Black Afrikans are having problems acknowledging that we are Black and Separate from all other Ethnics that occupy this Planet ?

    No, no beloved, not until a revolution to take place for the purpose of uniting the Two Lands of so call Afrika, will there ever be Freedom, Independence and respect to be gotten for and of the lost Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    The way Freedom is taken from a Nation is the way Freedom is to be gotten back and any Nation that has been conquered and refuse to defend themselves in pursuit for their Freedom, is a weak and submissive Nation good for nothing but to serve those that have stolen their Dignity and identity.

    Without a United Black Nation, the states become irrelvant to the Peace and Joy of a Black Nation.

    The Divine Truth, I have Told You That Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth In Favor Of A Profane Lie.

    All Honor And Respect To The Honorable Marcus Garvey, A Divine Black Afrikan.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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    The "Concept" is the "Key" of the Reality that is Inevidtable in its "Scope" *


    In the name of all things great and powerful and in the name of the divne ancestors of whom were never "Lost" only forgotten by "We" who have been bought and spoiled as we were removed from all "Concepts" that made us who we are.
    Today the so-called Black Africans who are blinded by their Colonial experience and the Africans in Amerikkka and through out the world that also have been removed "Mentaly...Spiritualy...Conceptualy etc" from their "Home-Land" are now wake-ing up.
    What we have learned most clearly is the "Fact" that our "Deviation is not our Normal" way of life or thinking but a system of white superimacy that has been "Forced" on our "Minds" as we were put in a "Collective-Sleep" during our "Death" experience during our "In-Slave-ment" at the hands of "Strangers" we call today the Invaders..."White Race, Europeans, Indo-Europeans, Aryans...Etc".
    First of all we must know that we are not in our "Right-Mind" to start with and we have lost "All" of the "Concepts in Spirituality" that made us who we are that what "We" called our selves when we were in a "Natural-State" of Defining Our Selves one of the most ancient names "We" called our selves is...KMT, KEMET.
    What is known as (Egypt) KEMET today is only a small surviving part that was the "Capital of the then World" the Earth it self was called KEMET by "Us"!! At that time "We" were with out Equeal and were in the process of patterning our lives and works after the G-Ds .
    Today we have allowed ourselves to be controled, hoodwinked, bamboozeled, defined by lesser beings than ourselves. The word "Africa" is not a name we called ourselves but a word given by the Greeks meaning litteraly..."Burn-Souls". Once again...the Concept never changes and a Burn-Soul can never be something Great! We will one day remove this corrupt name along with all corruptions from ourselves as we return to the Spiritual Concepts that make us who we Really are and not the Slaves, Servents, Negros, Emps etc that we have become under the most corrupt hands of the Owners of the System of White Superimacy.
    The Concept of the Original Peoples of the (Merita) Earth returning to the Natural State of Spirituality that we are Created in is taking place right we take what we have on the surface for communication sake only...and that is just for a time as we Clean ourselves up through MAAT as we become more and more "Initiated" back into our Temporaerly Lost Spirituality...that is our real "Culture" and "Naturl Order of Things".
    So...Afrika Unite! And recapture your lost Spirituality and Culture as you take your rightful place as the natural born "Care-Takers" of the (TA`MERT) Earth.


    Giving Honor to the Ancestors: "May the Spirits of the Devine Ancestors Live in us and Continue to Bless us with the Light of Understanding.........AMUN
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