Black People : Your Last Meal ?

Keita said:
my last meal would be a pot of beans and two boxes of ex-lax so I can leave them all something to remember me by!!!! They will be talking about me for the next 30 years !!!

lol Brother Keita ... :explode:

Brother Kamau ... thanks for sharing!

Sister True ... thanks for sharing!

Zulile said:
They cover that eventuality, mandatory Depends for all.

Sister Zulile ... do they really put depends on everyone?! I didn't know that!

Thanks everyone for sharing!


Beloved Destee: :blowkiss:

We are what we Eat and What we Think.

In no way Beloved One will I be dragged into a debate about what you have shared, because I protect my Divine food, Harmony, Order, Balance in me with a Bull dog approach and like a rottweiler chewing on a bone.

However, I will Divinely godlessly say this.

My Conscious/subconscious is my Religion.

I have practiced Christianity, Sunni Muslim (Islam), Mormon, Bahi, Buddhist, Israelite, Jehovah Witness (briefly), and studied many more religions, and now it is Divine all the way.

Beloved, we are not to acknowledge Divinity as if it is a Human Being, Divinity is a way of Life Living, and it carry no motive nor does it has an agenda as religion does.

If I know the below, which ALL Black Afrikans should Know about us Black Afrikan Womb genders, what mind-set knows this?

The Black Afrikan womb-genders (females) is:

The Queen Mother, is the Mother of Eternal Infinity and is not to be reduced to the Material geographical Level, She is the Divine Essence that is beyond being defined, she which has no Beginning nor Ending, nor does she has the need to create, because just by her mere Divine Action, reveal all that is of Truth And Reality, she is verified by all there is in and cause the physical Universe to be, with the Perfect Night serving as her Womb, from which all and everything that is of Matter and is Anti-Matter, which Is To be And Is Not, To Be, yet all is of that Divine Queen Mother, she which Transcend Space, Motion and Time, yet is the Mother of It All, making Her To be The all That I Am, That I Am Not.

The Queen Mother Is The Divine Essence.

On the Anthropomorphous Level, the Queen Mother Is The Daughter Of the Essence Shadow, which Is the Perfect Night, the Black Eternal Infinite Mass being the Ethereal Universe, In Which Divine Truth and Reality Reside and is in a constant Motion of Coming and Going There From And Into.

The Anthropomorphous Queen Mother is The black Womb Gender Of The Physical Universe, carrying the Ethereal Divine Universe Within that Physical goddess Body, in other words, the Queen Mother is the Black Divine goddess of this Solar System and all others solar systems that make up the the physical Universe, She Is The Strength and Guide in and of the Physical Universe. (Auset/Isis and Osiris)


The Black Queen goddesses, the True Holy Grail of God. Well it is the Body of the Divine goddess that is liken to the Infinite Holy Dark space, referred to as Heaven and out of the Heavenly Darkness flow the Energy that is the cause for Life in the Universe and Darkness become the Holy Grail of God.

Well so it is with the Feminine Gender, you that carry the Egg of Life and Out of your Dark Heaven does Life Flow, thus causing you to be the Holy Grail of Life and All Life is Holy and Sacred, for mere fact it is indestructible and is the Gift from the Infinite God Energy. (osiris)

Beloved Destee, I am in the Divine business of helping our people see the damaged that has been done to us, and what it is in our people that need to be purged and purified so we can live a life Divinely. If you are interested in helping and communicating with me further lets talk about what is in the below link that is killing our people Spirit.

equipping the Black Minds with Divine Truth and reality...and the likes of...then join me in the Below Thread, because it is Vital and Essential that the Black Minds know Divine Truth.
How can we discuss Unity & not DisUnity-The Scars of Shame, deadly poison within us?

Beloved Destee, I will not return to this thread.

Military saying: As you were.

Let all those who who are serious Thinkers decide for themselves what is Divine Truth in what I have shared and you have shared.

Divine Truth is the blanket condemnation to ALL lies and deception. (Osiris)

When Divine Truth is presence, it will reveal the foolishness (Osiris)

May the Divine Truth/Reality cause all those who do not know it, to toss and turn them in their sleep day and nite, nite and day until Divine Truth is in them.
:blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss: :blowkiss:

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