Black Poetry : Your Frontress

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    I have written before
    My proclamation of not being a poetess
    Just having a pen piercing as a sore
    Always heart full of painful fortunes
    You already know my mundane heart
    Never something to want when getting use to
    It's like my environment enveloping me as a old shirt
    Always getting to the "this is what I do when..."
    I never claimed to be able in the poetess realm.
    My life just usually reads as a big "word scam"
    I give unemotionally & provocatively to my flow fam
    That know I swear I'm really the "song of Solomon".
    As long as I make you "earl"
    We kin in this "word sin"
    I'm stuck like a long *** swirl
    attached at the end
    Never giving in of course
    I'm your frontress always pending.