Black People : Your favorite black historical figure?

John Horse. If ever there was a man after mine own heart, it was he. :luv:

Not to mention it was he and the Black Seminole, Abraham, who went from plantation to plantation in Florida and WITHOUT being betrayed by ONE slave, planned and set in motion the largest slave uprising in U.S. history. Not only was that slave revolt SUCCESSFUL (21 of the richest sugar plantations in the WORLD at the time burned to the ground), but with the revolting slaves' help, went on to defeat the U.S. Army on the battlefield and win the 2nd Seminole/Negro War.

(So sue me - I like winners, those who not only give inspiration, but make a difference in their lives and the lives of ALL black people. Because of the Negro/2nd Seminole War, Abraham Lincoln was given a legal precedent for the Emancipation Proclamation which freed ALL black people. :) )
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Another winner/personal hero: Queen Nzinga of Angola, the world's first abolitionist. For a good account of her exploits - in addition to online sources - I would suggest Dr. Chancellor Williams, "The Destruction of Black Civilization." One of the things I like about her best was, well, one of the things I like about John Horse, i.e., each fought to the bitter end and each lived to a ripe old age, Nzinga dying in her bed and John Horse having a heart attack at about age 80, and dying, well, on his horse. In addition to keeping their people FREE. Nzinga started fighting Europeans and degenerate African chieftains who waged war on weaker tribes and sold their POWs into slavery as a teenager. It was only AFTER she died at about age 80... in her bed.... that Angola was conquered and colonized.
Who's your favorite black historical favorite? Or one of your favorites, if you have more than one? It can be someone who's still alive.

Or you can name two, because that's how many I'm going to name. :p

Huey P. Newton
Malcolm X (especially after he left the NOI and went to Mecca, although it's his life taken as a whole that makes him special to me)
Nat Turner and Malcolm X were the first that came to mind
Dang y'all took my hero. I guess that is because of the impact, the energy and the legacy of this hero. It is none other than the honorable Rev. Nat Turner. Our misfortune condition gave us a many powerful people to model.

As a Black man in America, I have too many heroines and heroes to have just one like Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, Gabriel Prosser, Jemmy, Kook, Denmark Vessey among others.

As a person of African descent, Queen Nzinga is there with Steve Biko.


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