Black Relationships : Young and Sexually Free


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Feb 16, 2001
memphis, Tn
Having been one of those sexaully free guys when I was young, I was not setting out to prove anything to anyone. I definately did not have low self-esteem. And, I knew of none of the male role models in my life being with anyone other than their significant others. It was simply a matter of having the fun that came along with variety and freedom. I am not saying that it was the mature or responsible thing to do. But, there were no underlying causes or factors. It was fun...PERIOD. Fortunately no one got hurt physcially (std's) or emotionally while I was doing my thing. I was in college, popular, and decent looking. I was a star football player with a head on my sholders. I saw no reason to turn down women in order to uphold some false sense of honor. Does that make me a playa. Nah because my intention was never to objectify women or put notches on the post. I was simply having a good time. And, I think there are plenty of instances where it was the same for some of the women.

Now, does that mean that everyone was like me? No! There are plenty of men who sought the approval of the opposite sex to make them feel good about themselves. There were plenty of women who had been couped up for so long that they did any everything once they hit the campus. There were men who competed to see how many women they could get in order to pad their egos. There were women who were looking for love and thought they could find it through sex. I don't claim to know all of the reasons people in their 20's are promiscuous. But, I do know that for myself and many of my friends that we were just having a good time. I realize that upsets some people's sense of morality, but it does not change that it happened and will continue to happen at colleges and hoods everywhere. And if it were not for herpes and aids I wouldn't see anything wrong with it. But, then again I am not very religious so it doesn't challenge any of my sensibilities.


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