Chief Elder Osiris : You Who Fail To Acknowledge What Is Divinely Acceptable To Your Life

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    You Who Fail To Acknowledge What Is Divinely Acceptable To Your Life is The Enemy To Your Life.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    How you choose to conduct your life, the effect from your decision affect you first, so do not go running around believing that if you disrespect the Divine Truth, which is being shared by a few that participate in sharing the Divine Truth with you, about your acquired way of displaying and expressing the Human Being Spirit that you now are cursed with, don't you believe that somehow in your belief system, it will have an adverse effect on those who find it necessary to share with you what is Divinely obvious about the way we have been influenced to accept as normal, our present life spirit we now express and act out against ourselves, which is in a way that demonstrate that we are now influenced to live our lives as Black Human Beings, a life without respect for our Black selves, given the condition that Afrika and the Black Race is in today, a condition that prevent us from using our Divine Mind to Think Rationally today and did get that way during our new status of being a Human Being.

    What you do not know is what cause you to believe in that which you have been told about the way you are to believe about your life, and it is the believers in life that serve to be Life greatest abusers, so there is no wonder Black people can not see what Power potential Reparation has in saving the Black World and having Afrika to become Afrika again.

    When you have been prevented from seeing the Divine origin of your self, you end up looking at the beginning of your self and take what you look at to be the fact of your life, yet it is the fool that is able to look, but it require Divine Intelligence to See beyond that which you are looking at, beloved.

    Black people lost the ability to See and when that blindness came to cover that which is needed for Black People to See, then all you now look at become your life profane reality and by looking and not being qualified to See any more, what come from such a handicap, is what you now believe about your self, and it is that belief that has Afrika as it is today and Black People to be Tribes without the knowledge of Self, and where there is no knowledge of Self, the life of that believing self, perish from the lack of having knowledge of your self.

    How can there ever be the crown of Liberation ever to be replaced upon our Mind when there are myriads of so call Black organizations running around claiming to be gathering for the same cause of interest concerning Black People, when such a claim is a lie, because when Divine Truth come back into the life of Black People there will be only one need to gather and that need is for our Enslaved Ancestors to receive their Reparation through their Children, those who are qualified to know and See what is Divinely needed for the Black Life, in order to become reunited again in Afrika, and for Afrika to become the Sacred Continent that our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors caused it to be, by mere fact of their Divine Presence on that part of this Planet call Earth.

    Unity of Black People will never come with thousands if not millions of Black groups with the same amount of different opinions about what Black people Want, but when there is a gathering of Black People for the purpose of addressing what Black People Need, opinions are not allowed in the room of profound Reasoning, because such a mental atmosphere will take precedent over want and need, so it is that demand of need that you should know about and will tell you what the cause is for you needing what you once was in possession of, which is the ability to Divinely Think.

    When the goal is Life Liberation, then there is no room for compromise, you can not wisely reach an agreement on things that are Divinely needed for your Life, not in the presence of Diverse beliefs about what is wanted by such a gathering of Black People.

    It is Want that breed the vanity of Ego, Envy, Jealousy, all with the action of malice, so there is nothing to come from a gathering of different religious believers and selfish political wants, that will not be of a Divine significance to the Liberation of Afrika and the reunification of the Black Nation.

    Want will cause you to ostracize Need and to be a clown about the severity of your life condition, as if the more intensively ignorant we act out our belief, the more it isolate us from dealing with the obvious about Black Folks life living condition in the world, so what is it that Black Folks do? we choose to ignore what should be unacceptable to our Lives, which is a Life lived cursed in belief and want, we have been influenced to choose that which is unacceptable to our life because it is a Life steeped in Religious belief, a mental disorder that prevent Black People from being qualified to See divinely that which is crucifying the Black Life, as we Skin and grin, and tap dance in our Life poverty condition, a poverty of the Mind inability to Think Divinely, meaning to develop a thought that is in Harmony, Order, and Balance, with Thoughts that determine your Black Body Life Living Needs.

    In a gathering of Black Folks, the way to determine whether or not such a gathering deserve your presence, is when those gathering are qualified Mentally to know and accept today, who our enemy really happen to have been during yester-years and is today.

    So if such a Gathering fail to acknowledge that which is Divinely acceptable to the Lives of Black People, then know that the Enemy is within the Gathering, because where Divine Truth does not prevail, Lies and Deception become your Motto in any Gathering of Black Folks lacking a Divine Knowledge of what is Divinely True and Real in their lives, concerning the cause of the state of Living Condition Black Folks lives are experiencing in the World today.

    Jost Any Change is of no benefit to the Black Life, only Divine Change is qualified to verify the reunification of the Black Nation and that Afrika must once again be proclaimed to be the Earthly Home of the Black Nation, so it is the proof of your Black Body Majority in Afrika, that verify that Divine Truth, Beloved.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    It is ignorance that guide you up the path of stupidity and it is stupid not to accept the obvious concerning the cause of the state of condition of Afrika and the Black Nation, and by stating that there is no more a Unified Black Nation, such does not give you justification to do nothing about that which is obvious about your Black behind, because what is not, is capable of being What is, again, when the issue is Unity for Afrika and Black People present life condition, today, Beloved.

    You Who Fail To Acknowledge What Is Divinely Acceptable To Your Life is The Enemy To Your Life, so when Black People are ready to confront the enemy about our Life state of condition, hurry, run, run as fast as you can beloved and find you a mirror and gaze upon it and behold the enemy of Black People.

    You who are Divinely Wise, Understand that which has just been shared with you, beloved.

    Beloved, not until there is a return of the Revolting Community Based Organization concept and practice, and must be funded by Black People, not until such a return, will there be a sign of revolutionary seriousness to come from the Children of the Middle Passage, concerning our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, because you see, the Real Black Warriors are not to be founded on this Internet, they are on the ground in the streets and in your community, they are those you turn up your nose at when you pass them by, they are those you talk about worse than the Devil himself, because it is Lucifer from whom you get your pattern of behavior from, that you show toward the True Black Warriors, you know, those you have grown ignorantly afraid of, your children.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved ?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]
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    When someone else has already said....

    it better than my reply, then I just like to quote them and share the insight

    "How do we as a community achieve justice, reparation and ultimately Maat for atrocities committed against our Ancestors? Well the first thing we must do is respect the ritual of remembrance and hold a memorial or commemoration for them every year without fail. For this act to be progressive it must not only be carried out for the victims of Maafa but also the survivors and heroes.

    "You see we need African Remembrance at the very least, once a year. Our own right to dignity demands we collectively remember their names especially in circumstances where the loss has been both tragic and traumatic instead of worshipping those ‘celebrities’ and role muddles the government and its media promotes as ‘black’ British or American idols."