Black Poetry : You want this cake of mineand willing to take the timeto get some, I live cute anddon't give a hoot got a brute planlive by fate give him that pla


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May 11, 2006
You want this cake of mine
and willing to take the time
to get some, I live cute and
don't give a hoot got a brute plan
live by fate give him that plate
say what you at the crib eating steak?
His deep love for music
no more street now in the club use it
to pull a chick quick nahmean double dare
NAW PLAYER: he wanna party and aware
so should she put her body in his care
how dare him try get some and share
her love, he became alert
to her body framework
can't blame the mini-skirt
its down but this boy want some
don't come near because from
here her river flow west and deliver
what she know best boys jest shiver
a sweaty queen with steady stream
of juice in her panties, she jest scream
SHE'S A KOREAN CHICK been to Seoul
a queen complex and keen on sex bold
and boys try for pie and lie must be aware
she has pie crust boys try thrust tongue and share
her love, oh a KOREAN GIRL go through a lot
have good luck so she stood up and moved
to the door ready to groove galore and approve
of sex and wine the next time boy must lube
his game, one time she went out to the store
no doubt boys galore no toys in the store before
there were some, the Barbie dolls can't ignore
keep her breasts in fine silk
best address the decline in milk
like an insectds to bizaare rap
while in the car trapped
while a boy rub her legs
and jest love to beg
for pies now this is Black
Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH facts
flow something in the water yall
reach far ,teach at the bar
a bra strap leads to bizarre rap
don't possess a television
but her breasts in collisions
with his lips lot of precision
“LOOK BOO his facts hard exact and quick
like them backyard bricks
have negotiation on this location
chase a bra and a race car in
a cloud of dust folks proud of us then
defeating math
down a beaten path
he prevail a thug
leaving a trail of love
Pause with the tough rapping
it cause stuff to happen
fun time , sunshine and fresh air
get some wine got breasts in an affair
enter a cage
with a winner page
out of a book
no doubt shook
fought a lion
then bought an iron
sword afterward
NAW PLAYER no dirt on her face
she's in a mini-skirt with lace
and plenty of twerk in this place
got pie and a brain
and also a migraine
which is a severe headache
but her lips are sincere red cake
she's a true chick
but a boy threw a brick
at her ear in the form of love talk
OK SHE WAS with this boy club talk
with class and plan
must focus on the task at hand
this boy trying to rap up on some
she write suspicious and quite delicious
she have a bright habit and write ridiculous
in a white tablet and there she inscribe verbs
and words, a phat thirst
at first
she suspected a surprise party
he wanted pies and her body
a true cute
go through fruit
SHE'S A KOREAN CHICK been to Seoul
and begin to wreck
the roots she must protect
her peach juice
on VIRGINIA BEACH it produce

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