Black Poetry : You Sweet Sexy Thing


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Mar 14, 2001
The PeAcH State
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You sweet sexy thing—
those are the unvarnished words
that irreversibly resound
in & out… & all around…
my completely blown mind
each & every single time
i find myself taking you in

i allow my perusal to
begin… with the smoothness
of your mocha dark skin
then slowly extend down
the length of you… not
stopping ‘til I view the
tip of those gator skin boots

you effortlessly acquire my full
attention & did I forget to mention
you are as magnificent on the
inside as you are externally
this is most definitely the
“ish” which endears you to me…
You sweet sexy thing

you are perfection personified
in every way imaginable…
eye candy… that’s also good
for the soul & truth be told
i am undyingly sold on You…
sweet… sexy… thing…

© SunshyneOrygynals 2001, all rights reserved


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