Chief Elder Osiris : You Should Go Back To Africa ( Professor Maye )

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    My beloved, I happen to read an article this morning in this Morning Orlando Sentinel, about an incident that allegedly happen in Dobson, S. C., at Surry Community College on Nov. 17, concerning an alleged incident that happen between a student by the name of Beverly Smith, in the class of Psychology professor Joe Maye.

    Professor Maye is accused by Beverly Smith of telling her,she needed to go back to Africa and immediately Miss Smith took such a suggestion as being offensive, even to the point of it being in her mind, a Racist statement.

    Now this supposed incident reveal more about Miss Smith than about the professor.
    Even though the professor was showing not Racist tendencies but the fact that he had been so programmed about Black people to the point he allowed the result of his programmed mind to reveal his prejudice toward Miss Smith and he, knowing how we have been programmed to think about Africa in a demeaning way, he crudely set out to take advantage of our conditioning to view Africa in a not so pleasing way.

    This alleged incident also reveal, when it come to Africa, how some Black Folks think of Africa, which reveal how victimized we are in thing negative of Africa, which has successfully poison the mind of more so, Black Folks, than Whites about Africa.

    You see the professor would immediately accept an invitation to go to Africa, because he know the Truth about Africa, as a Continent.

    Black Folks are so fanatically attached to the teaching and ways of america, concerning Africa, to the point we do not recognize when Freedom is being offered to us, what a pity and a shame.

    I am not concerned about the behavior of the professor but I am most certainly concerned about the mental behavior of Miss Smith, which represent no doubt, a large number of Black Folks who are still in Mental Bondage in america, which prevent us from having a positive thought about Africa.

    Now here come the NAACP, to act as if to come to the rescue of Miss Smith and other Blacks who think like her, about Africa and based upon her reaction to the suggestion made to her about Africa, we take such a suggestion made by White Folks as being a Racist jester, which in term help to serve to enable such Blacks in america thoughts, about Africa, well maybe I should say Black american thoughts about Africa.

    The only thing wrong with the professor suggestion, in my opinion is that the suggestion was incomplete, he should have added with the Reparations we owe your Enslaved Ancestors.

    The professor suggestion was a freedom suggestion but we rather take it as a Racist put down when White Folks suggest that we go Home, Back To Africa.

    Now in regard to this alleged incident, between professor Maye and Miss Smith, we will have the inclination to zero in on the professor with all of our social indoctrination concerning how we are to act, concerning his action, when the only error the professor made is in being political incorrect, because such incorrectness elevate the Truth about what we should be about and that is the business of doing what is necessary, in order to have our Hue - Man Rights respected and becoming free and independent as AfroDescendants and Africa is where such freedom will be enjoyed by the AfroDescendants, who are here in america, by way of the Middle Passage.

    I stand ready to be invited to Surry Community College to further discuss this matter with the Students or anybody else at Surry Community College.

    Complete Love To The Black African Nation

    Chief Elder
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - African Inter, National Movement