Black Poetry : You Remember?

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    When we use to hit the malls,
    looking clean or not,
    we came to find cuffs and tatas,
    laughing cause we didn't have fifty dollars between us,
    you hit the game store,
    i hit the chinese chicken,
    we came back fifteen minutes later,
    looking at business gear in the asian store,
    exchanging chicken fore game,
    tasting good feeling all the same,
    we need reassurance that our clothes right,
    over there and right here,
    they look feel honest is beautiful,
    so ran up and asked them at the same time,
    with a question of opinion they truth out they own mine,
    sow the four of us came together like no other kind,
    we left out the store with two new hats on,
    or was it one since our money was running kind of low,
    did i do the math wrong from the get go??
    though i remember laughter hugs smiles emotional sayings bodies banging
    when we use to hit the malls...

    "Diary of a Black Man"