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    By Andre Austin, author of "Poor Dre's Almanac"

    With this being the last day for Black History Month I’ve decided to give the reader a shotgun blast of multiple Black history facts linking the Bible to ancient Egyptian priests and scribes. To the black ministers you have to hate black history to get along with the Jews who wrote the OT and the White Romans who wrote the NT. Why don’t you love yourself and start loving the truth:

    (1). The Myth: The tree of the knowledge of good and evil you should not eat or you will die (see Gen 2:17)

    The Reality: the purpose of this story is to condemn the Egyptian idea that knowledge of moral order (Maat, truth) would lead to eternal life. When God created everything he said it was “very good” (Gen 1:31) Chrestos was the “good god” and the Gnostics had it right that Chrestos/Christ was within you. The Romans didn’t want you thinking this so they placed in Jesus mouth to say: “There is only One who is good” to have eternal life obey the commandments which are based on the Egyptian concepts of Maat/truth and the 42 negative confessions (Matthew 19: 16-17). So this reverses the OT attack on the Egyptian religion.

    (2) Eve came from Adam’s rib (Gen 2:21-24)

    The Reality: The story of Eve’s birth integrates the Egyptian story of the separation of heaven and earth with portions of the Sumerian myth of Enki and Ninhursag

    (3) God planted a garden eastward in Eden (Gen 2:8-14)

    The Reality: Eden originally represented the Egyptian Isle of flames, the first land in the Egyptian Creation myths. In the Egyptian Heliopolitan tradition, that would locate Eden at the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, where Moses was trained under Egyptian priests. “Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptian and was powerful in speech and action” (Acts 7:22)

    (4) The serpent was more subtle than any beast (Gen 3:1)

    The Reality: Genesis modeled the clever serpent after the Egyptian God Set (Satan) who took the serpent form of Aphophis, the enemy of Re.

    (5) Cain killed Abel. Cain in Hebrew means “smith, meatalworker” (Gen 4:1-9)

    The reality: The story of Cain & Abe had its origins in the conflict between Set & Osiris but subsequently the story was later influenced by Sumerian myths about a shepherd named Dumuzi

    (6) Cain built a city east of Eden in land of Nod (Gen 4:16-18)

    The reality: Cain built the first City in Thebes, Egypt known in the bible as NO not Nod. No (Thebes) like it is called in (Jeremiah 46:25). Cain had relatives Tubal-Cain, Jabal who are linked with masonry and freemasons. Another relative is the mythical Methuselah who lives 969 years (Genesis 5:27) the exact years the Memphis kingdom last in Egypt. Many key figures in the bible are named Egyptian dynasty, people, places or things.

    (7) God sent a flood to destroy mankind (Gen 6:11-13

    The reality Noah’s flood story was a metaphor for the Nile flood and was based on the Hermopolitian Creation myth story where 8 gods (Noah’s family of 8) emerged out of the primeval flood waters of the Nile.

    (8). Ham was the father of Canaan (Gen 9:18)

    The reality Canaan was originally the God Re in the Hermopolitan creation myth. Ham was the mud or black soil deposited on the Land when the Nile flooded on the banks.

    (9) Noah released birds to determine if the land had dried (Gen 8)

    The reality. The biblical redactors combined a scene from the Egyptian story of the benben bird at the birth of Re with an episode from the Babylonian flood stories.

    (10) The flood occurred in the tenth generation of Humanity (Gen 7:6)

    The reality: In order to conform to Babylonian traditions, biblical redactors moved the flood story from the first day of creation to the tenth generation of humanity.

    (11) All earthy life had become wicked and had to be destroyed (Gen 6;11-13)

    The Reality: the theme of earthly corruption and punishment combines an Egyptian myth from The Book of the Divine Cow with Babylonian stories about the drowning of humanity. There was another story of Hathor slaying of mankind by getting them drunk on beer. Revelations picks up on this theme by having a whore of Babylon getting mankind drunk off her wine in her grapes of wrath. In the Old Testament it condemns all living creatures to death whereas the Egyptian story punishes only wrongdoers.

    (12) The sons of God married the daughters of man (Gen 6:4).

    The Reality: This story describes political conditions during Egypt’s first intermediate period (2300BC -2040BC) The sons of God would be the sons of a ruling pharaoh =the sons of Horus. The daughters of man would be the non-royal family. The white man wants you to think of the sons of god are from outer space aliens because its their psychological warfare against your mind into thinking technological progress is beyond your reach and you have to be dependent on them to reach the stars because they use education to control not liberate. And hide the fact that any captured aliens are 7-8 foot jet black men. Look at the Hebrews scribes hating on the Egyptian: “The Egyptians are men not God; their horses are flesh not spirit (Isaiah 31:3)

    (13) Noah saved only two of each species or 7? (Gen 6:19

    The reality: The authors of the J source believed in the practice of animal sacrifice. The authors of P did not. After the flood Noah sacrified animals to God. If he only had two of each species the animals wouldn’t be able to breed and repopulate the species.

    (14) The rain/flood lasted 40 days 40 days (Gen 7:4-12

    The reality: The J source , rain lasted 40 days the P source says 150 days. Interesting, three periods of 40 days adds up to 120 days (Genesis 7:24) , the length of the Egyptian flood season in the solar calendar. There are two different rain periods because the biblical editors worked from two different stories. In one version, derived from the J source, the flood story was based on the Egyptian solar calendar, which Egyptians divided into three seasons of 120 days, one of which was the flood season.

    (15) The flood covered the entire earth and all the mountains 15 cubits upward (Gen 7:20).

    The reality: The average height of a Nile flood was 15 cubits (25 feet) see Herodotus 2:13 Strabo 17:3 and Plutarch’s Isis and Osiris p.105. From the fact that one of the two flood stories (Rain/Flood) in genesis was based on the seasonal calendar and referred to the annual Egyptian flood season.

    (16) The Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat (Gen 8:4)

    The reality: The mountain in the flood story originally referred to the primeval mountain in Egypt. After the Israelites (Isis, Ra, & El) moved to Canaan, they changed the location to the mountains of Ararat.

    (17) Nimrod conquered Babylon (Gen 10:8-10)

    The Reality: This story preserves an ancient legend about Pharaoh Sesostris who ruled Egypt’s twelfth Dynasty (Herodotus 2:110 Diodorus 1:55). He was jet black and originally from Ethiopia. According to Herodotus Sesostris was the only Egyptian king to conquer Ethiopia. The elements of the sesostris legend correspond precisely with the Nimrod story story. In both accounts, a son of Egypt who controlled Ethiopia and marched into Mesopotamia and conquered Babylon and Assyria. The only significant difference between the two stories is the name of the hero. Sesostris was not the pharaoh’s true name. It was a Greek corruption of the name Senuret or Senwosret. The name nimrod appears to be phonetically similar to the last part of Senusret’s name , and the Hebrew rendition may be a slight corruption of the Egyptian, much as Sesostris was a Greek corruption.

    (18) Jacob and Esau fought in the womb (Gen 25:21-28)

    The reality Jacob and Esau correspond to the Egyptian gods Horus and Set, who struggled in the womb and fought over who would become the leader of the nation. Also Jacob was a title word to Isis as was Jew a title word to Thoth. Jacob changed his name to Israel=Isis, Ra, & El.

    (19) Jacob cheated Esau out of his birthright (Gen 25:29-34)

    The reality. The two stories about Jacob getting Esau’s birthright were adapted from an Egyptian tale about how Isis, mother of Horus and brother of set, tricked Set into giving up his challenge to Horus for the throne. The bowl of porridge had Set’s sperm that original was inserted into Horus anus. Because he ate the porridge Set was unfit for the throne because he was bi-sexual see Genesis 34 It would seem that for some reason the biblical editors substituted the story of the rape of Dinah for the story about the homosexual rape of Horus/Jacob by Set/Esau.

    (20) The 12 tribes of Israel

    The reality: The 12-14 Tribes of Israel is a metaphor for Osiris body being cut up into 14 parts with the penis being ate by a Nile fish. In addition to twelve (thirteen?) son’s Jacob also had a daughter, Dinah. I suggest that she was added to Jacob’s family as a symbol of the missing 14th part of Osiris body, the penis. Later in the NT the 12 disciples/apostles are symbolic of the 12 (13 tribes of Israel). Paul becomes the 13 apostle/disciple being symbolic of Dinah (missing penis) Saul/Paul was sodomized and castrated then called tiny (Paul means Tiny) recall in the NT Paul says he receives the same marks as Jesus who was in part symbolic of Osiris among others. By the way circumcision is a religious ritual to Osiris who lost his penis to Satan throwing it into the Nile river and not as a sign of a covenant with god.

    Lets see the typology (typesetting) Of Joseph and Jesus

    12 brothers 12 tribes 12 disciples

    Spices on the camels/Spices with the Magi

    Joseph flees without his cloak/ A young disciple flees without cloak Jesus arrested

    Joseph sold for 20 pieces of silver /Jesus sold for 30 pieces of Silver

    Brother Judah suggest the sale/ Judas sells Jesus

    Joseph prays for brothers forgive sins (Gen 50:17) jesus prays for their sins

    Jesus a son of Jacob/Israel Mt 1:2 born of a miracle/ joseph mother barren/miracle Gen 30:22-24

    Judah or Juda in the Greek OT Septuagint is exactly the same word for Judas in NT

    Judah is obviously designed to place the onus of Jesus death on the Judeans. Judas or Judah as Iscariot is the Issachar of Genesis 49. Judas is in other words the Jackass of the gospel fable. So when Samson uses the Jawbone of a Jackass to kill we see the same with Judas kiss as a scorpio/Jackass.

    (21) The Jews were slaves to the Egyptians for 400 years (Genesis 15:13-16)

    The Reality: The Jewish scribes confused diffirent afflictions into a single affliction and combined the Hyksos occupation and explusion from Egypt. The forced labor lasted less than thrity years from about 1340BC to 1315BC.

    (22) pharaoh’s daughter gave Moses a Hebrew name (Exodus 2:10)

    The reality: The name actually comes from the Egyptian word “Msy” meaning is born which usually appended to the name of a god (Ra-Mose) Since the name of other gods were taboo among the Hebrews the front part of Moses name was dropped. However if we read Josephus works (Against Apion book 1:26) Before Moses was called Moses his name “Osariph from Osiris, who was the god of Heliopolis”. This explains why they don’t have Moses circumcised and have a black woman from Ethiopia Zipporah (Venus) throw penis foreskin at Moses feet (Penis) see Exodus 4:24-26). After all the Egyptians learned circumcisions from their Ethiopia cousins who brought the worship of Osiris to Egypt.

    (23) God sent ten plagues against Egypt (Exodus 9:13-16)

    The reality: the plagues in the bible are ordinary events described in typical Egyptian literary metaphors.

    (24) The ark of the covenant contained the Ten commandments (Exodus 25:21)

    The reality: The Ark contained an Egyptian serpent crown as the sign of God’s kingship over Israel. The ark was of an Egyptian design and may have been stolen by Egyptian pharaoh Shishak/Sheshonk a very long time ago after he took office in 945BC.

    (25) Joshua the son of Nun (Joshua 1:1-2

    The reality: Joshua’s name indicates that he was a mythological figure named after two Egyptian creation deities of Shu and Nun

    (26) Deborah (Bee) rallied against the Canaanites (Judges 5:1-7) Deborah was married to Lights (lapidoth=flashes of lights)

    The reality: Deborah is a mythological character based on the Egyptian goddess Neith who had a temple known as the “House of the Bee” and had festival of lamps.

    (27) Samson judged Israel for twenty years (Judges 15:20)

    The reality: Samson was a Canaanite solar deity who combined aspects of the Greek demigod Herakles and the Egyptian solar god Re-Herakhte. Samson’s name means “little sun” or sun-man with his long hair symbolized the rays of the sun not dreg locks. Delilah is Hebrew for “Layla” meaning night turning Samson and Delilah into a metaphor for the battle between the forces of night and day, a facet of Egyptian solar theology. The shearing of Samson’s hair locks signifies night’s temporary victory over day.

    The blinding of Samson by the philistines is based upon the conflict between Horus and Set, during which Set snatched away Horus’s eye for a short while. It is therefore a bit ironic that Samson used a jawbone of an *** (donkey) to slay the Philistines. The *** was the symbol of Set (Satan) and the Philistines played the role of Set in the Samson story. They were killed with an icon that symbolized their people. Likewise as we jump to the NT we have Judas/Judah with whom Satan enters and kiss Jesus with his mouth (the frame of the jawbone) as a target to ID him for death. The kiss left a mark of a scorpion bite just like Horus was bitten by a scorpion.

    (28) Samson pulled down a Philistine temple (Judges 16:29-30)

    The Reality: This story was borrowed from an Egyptian tale about Re-Herakhte. The opponents in this Egyptian tale are Amen (whom the Greeks identified with Zeus and Herakles. Herakles, as an Egyptian character represents Re-Herakhte. The original story described some sort of a political feud between Amen worshippers and Re-Herakhte worshippers. This is a deguised account of events during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten. This pharaoh was a rabid monotheist who worshipped Re-Herakhte in the form of a solar disk known as the Aten/Aton the Hebrews call Adon for themselves.This war between Amen and Aten was won by Amen. Just go read the NT “These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation”-Revelations 3:14. Amen in the OT was the wind/spirit hovering over the face of the waters. And with that brings be to the last point:

    (29) God initiated creation with a spoken word (Gen 1:3)

    The reality: the initiation of Creation by spoken word comes from the Egyptian creation myths. In the Theban creation scheme after Amen (wind) initiated creation. Amen the wind and Ptah the speaker are both forms of the same deity. They simply changed the Egyptians god’s name of Amen to the Hebrew name of Elohim, and described him as “ruach, the wind. But when we scroll down to the NT Amen is restored to its rightful place because the Trinity under 1.Vespassian, 2.Titus & 3.Domitian who had the Gospels written to worship them by switching their names to the Title “Jesus Chretos” or “Jesus Christ” were followers of Osiris & Isis. We have been fooled by these treacherous three for the past 2,000 years. Its time to wake up and smell the stinky fish story. You can’t take evil and turn it into good.
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