Chief Elder Osiris : You Must First Establish A Romance With Self with Afrika And with Black People

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    You Must First Establish A Romance With Self with Afrika And with Black People

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, have you notice that there are certain types of Black people who do nothing but attempt to obstruct your view of your self, of Afrika, and about Black people need to become reunited again.

    You have some Black so call Afrikans that is to distant from what it is that we Black Folks must do to save Afrika and our Black selves until they become ignorantly critical of those Black Afrikans who have established a Romance with the Blackness of Self, with Afrika, and with the idea of Black Afrikans becoming reunited as a Nation in Afrika.

    When you See someone of the opposite Gender that you totally adore and you establish in your mind that you would desire to have more than just a platonic relationship with that someone, what you do is that you set out to Romance that someone, by doing little things of kindness to that someone that has become someone special in your Mind.

    So what do you do, you set out to Romance that someone of the opposite gender by doing things that will let that someone know that She or He is always constant on your Mind, your every thought, your constant talk is about the someone that you have established a Romance with.

    Many Time the physical association has not yet taken place but in your Mind, the Romantic association, the connection has been consummated by the Thoughts of your Mind and so you can not cease from talking about the one that you have developed strong compassion for, some classify such Divine Mental passion as Love.

    So you see, in order to become qualified to Liberate Afrika and to Reunite the Black Afrikan Nation, you must first establish a Romance with your self, with Afrika, and with the desire to See Black Afrikan People Reunited again in Afrika.

    So no beloved, do not allow the vain egotist Black Afrikan, those who do nothing but sit around and fantasize about being someone that they are not and about being any and every where else but in Afrika, they beloved are your Afrika and Black Unity obstructionist.

    They sit around spending Time trying to get Black people to be believers about Self, Afrika, and about a Divided Black Nation should remain as is and they make claim if you think any other way in a positive way toward Afrika and Black People, it is useless Romanticizing.

    The Black obstructionist claim by implying to you, that you who Speak constantly about Afrika and the need for Black People to become reunited again, is useless chatter, and that you who indicate that you have truly established a Romance with your Black self, with Afrika, and with the knowledge of knowing that the Black Afrikan Nation must become reunited again, the obstructionist Black Afrikan, the Black Afrikan who attempt to hide their uselessness by being critical of those Black Afrikans who has established a Romance with Self, with Afrika and with the Thought of Black People need to become reunited again, they claim that you are nothing but romantics, they not knowing the power of Divine Romance.

    Listen beloved, we Black Afrikans who are away from Afrika by no choice of our own and is the descendants of Black Afrikan people that was taken into Enslave captivity and now have come to a Divine Maturity to be able to establish a Romance with your Black self, with Afrika, and with the knowledge of there need to be an action to reunite the Black Afrikan Nation, you with such Divine Knowledge must learn to know how to channel such a Romantic desire for self, for Afrika, and for a United Black Afrikan Nation, that will turn that romance into liberating action.

    Such Divine knowledge will let you know, by running back to Afrika for vain and selfish reason, only do more Harm to Afrika and the possibility for Black Afrikans becoming reunited again.

    Because individual and / or small clannish groups returning back to Afrika without the proper Mind and tool required for your return to make a decisive constructive difference, only serve by such a move of you, to be only an addition to Afrika and Black Afrikans problem in Afrika.

    You must come to see that your return to Afrika must be in the way that you came to be away from Afrika and away from the Black Afrikan people in Afrika, so the way we came together enmass to where we are today, as descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, such is the way we must return to Afrika, that is if you desire to see your life return to the joy and knowledge of self.

    So yes beloved, the first order of our Black Business is to reclaim our Ancestors Mind, while away from Afrika, and by doing so, you will establish a Romance with your Black self, with Afrika, and with the knowledge of knowing that the Black Afrikan Nation must become reunited again, and that such a feat, such an obligation fall right smack upon the Descendants of those Black Afrikans who are away from Afrika by no cause of our own.

    So you must be able to see, that it is the Reparation earned by our Enslaved Ancestors that we must collect before we can return back to Afrika with dignity and with a Liberating purpose, because without the means of Reparation, any return Back To Afrika only serve to be a detriment to Self, as well as to Afrika and the Black Afrikans in Afrika.

    We must come to know that we will be only adding to the problem in Afrika and not serving to be the solution to the problem of Afrika and the Black Afrikans in Afrika, should we return in any lesser way than we were forced to leave.

    So when you see black people claiming to be, oh so Black, and Afrikan, yet is serving as an obstructionist to the process needed to reclaim Afrika for the Afrikans, and that the Black Afrikans must become reunited again in Afrika, then you should come to know the enemy that is within the family of the Black Afrikans.

    You being children of the Middle Passage, while some egotist Black Afrikan obstructionist going around bad mouthing you for the Romance and the Liberating Rhetoric that you have come to know is the procedure that must be used to bring about the Liberation of the Black Afrikan in America along with obtaining our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, you must remain fast and stern in that you have come to of your Black self, beloved.

    You see beloved, not until then, will the Children of the Middle Passage be prepared and qualified to Return to Afrika with the qualification to make a difference in the appearance of Afrika and to fight for the Reunification of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    So if such is not the goal of the so call Black Afrikan American, in America, and any where else out of Afrika, then all of your action serve to the destruction of Afrika and Afrikans Reunification in Afrika.

    You with such a Human Being Mind, it put you to be a belligerent Black Afrikan against Afrika and Black people, and most certainly against your self.

    Such a vain and antagonizing spirit, serve to be the opposite to the Garvey Romantic spirit that the Black Nationalist express toward Afrika and Black Afrikan people needed unity, which Black Folks need in order to succeed in causing the Liberation of Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation.

    So in order for such a goal to be realized, it will only be with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in our possession, We being the Romanticizing Children Of The Middle Passage with Afrika, and about the Unity of the Black Nation, and with the self of our Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors Mind, which give us the vision to see the power of Black People Romancing With self, with Afrika, and about a United Black Afrikan Nation in Afrika.

    In order for such to become a Divine Reality, Black People must first come to be able to See it Happening, and from such a sight, you will establish a Romance With Afrika, with Each other, and with Your Black Self.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]