Chief Elder Osiris : You May Run But You Can Not Hide From Your Past

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    You May Run But You Can Not Hide From Your Past

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There are some Black People who have very little to Nothing to say, or to very much to say about those who have oppressed, Lied, and Deceived Black People, so to each their own, but Divinely Gifted Black People are those who Know The Divine Truth about the Cause and Effect of Black People Problem and has the Mental Gift to Share Profoundly in depth, information capable of Liberating the Mind Thoughts of the Black Afrikan Human Being.

    A Short believing Mind, produce a Short expression about things that are important to Black People Lives, but a Divine Thinking Mind, has unlimited expression, and the more thorough we are in sharing about what we need to know and do, in order to Liberate the Body life of Black People, the better chance Black People have in getting to know what it is we need to do to Liberate ourselves, that is if Freedom is the Goal of Black People and not Advancement opportunity in America.

    Therefore a Finite Mind Span, require a short response, but an Infinite Divine Mind has no limit of that which it has to share with Black People.

    Show me A Black Afrikan Human Being and I will be able to identify the Black Afrikan who attempt to Run and Hide from the Black Divine Being Past, a Past that has all of the information needed by Black People and will qualify Black People to come to Know Thyself, because not to Know Thyself, is to become somebody else other than Thyself.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    By being Divine, require for you to Live your Body Life in a Harmonious, Orderly, and Balance performance, in Harmony with the Nature of the Universe, but to Live your Body Life as a Human Being, has no requirement, you by the quality of your belief, become a Liar and Deceiver, proclaiming to be born to be Evil in your Life activities and confessing never to have been Perfect in the Human Being Spiritual expression, in other word, to use the Human Being Description of themselves, the Human Being Meaning, is To Be Born in Sin and is Workers of Iniquity, having not the desire to be Perfectly Divine, so the Human Being is the conveyor of Evil, meaning, the instigator of confusion and physical and Mental abuse toward and upon the once Divine Black Being.

    Here Black People are today, ashamed, Running from and trying to Hide and is Hating our Past Life Experiences, because we are unaware of the completeness of our Past, so we are taught by the Human Being Oppressors about that part of our Past that is Human and is not Divine, as we grow in our belief about ourselves past, and to Run and attempt to Hide from that Past Life experience, we never get to know that it hold the solution to the present day problems of Black People, and as long as we remain ignorant of our entire past Life experiences, the shorter our belief will be about our Past, and a Believing Mind thoughts, are what prevent Black People from Seeing and Knowing Thyself, and to not know thyself, is what cause Black People to believe what is told about thyself.

    Show me anybody, regardless of Phenotype, that will teach Black People not to attempt to See back into the Past of Black People, and I will show you the most depressing, suppressing and oppressing Human Being that is committed to keeping Black People ignorant of thyself, and it is such ignorance that has Black People to be a Divided Tribal Black Nation today, with a belief that the present Black Body Life Living condition, is as it was meant to be, and all we have to hope for is to have a belief with faith, that Black people will be given the opportunity by Lucifer the Human Being, to better and advance our Body Life Living condition, as long as we keep Running from, and attempting to Hide from Black Folks Past Complete Story, the Story of our Body Life that most Black People know nothing about today, because we have been conditioned to Run Away and Try and Hide from our Past Life Experiences, Black Folks believing that our Past Life experiences are to cumbersome to desire to remember.

    What Black people need to know about thyself, is that you can not Run effectively nor can you Hide discreetly enough to get away from the Black Body Life Past, that Past is innately within you, all over you, and regardless of how well you Run and attempt to Hide from your Past, it will be with you until the day you die, which mean as long as we deny our Past, the life you have settle to identify with, is that of a Lie, and Human Beings Lie and Deceive, even unto thyself.

    Never to look back in attempt to See your Past Life experiences and to Know with Understanding all that you See in your Past, is the making of an ignorant people about Thyself, and we will end up settling for a Life based upon Fantasy, which will cause you to become a Delusional Black Psychotic People, full of illusion about your self.

    Black People always Running and attempting to Hide away from our Past, not realizing that our Past is the culmination of our Present and to not know of our Past will cause Black People to settle for being a Slave in action, in order to become somebody that we are not, as we praise the oppressors for all that they allow Black People to gain, by having the feeling of Material accomplishment, a sure way of keeping Black people from getting to Know Thyself, and without such Knowledge, you reap what you Sow, Ignorance Beget Ignorance, and it is the Ignorant Black People who desire not to be Free, because they live a Life pretending to be Free, and those Black People do realize, that type of Black Human Being Freedom come with Condition, a condition of being ignorant of the Black Past Life Experiences, in its completeness, which does not allow you to Know Thyself, which is a perquisite to becoming Divinely Free.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Get To Know Black People Past And Black People Will Never Again Settle for Being Last Today, On The Anthropomorphous Ladder Of Life Being.

    All That Black People Do, Should Be For The Glorification Of Black People Past Life Story, Because Within The Confine Of Our Glorious Past We Will Discover The Divinity Of Our Phenotype Being, And Will Become Acquainted With Our Most Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors, And Such Knowledge Of Thyself, Will Never Allow You To Settle For Being A Third Class Black Human Being, Which Serve As A Disrespect to The Divinity Of Black People.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
    The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement
    [email protected]