Black Poetry : you hurt what you love the most

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    You are no longer speaking to me, so I guess I can tell you what's really on my mind. I am tired of being the "bigger" person. The one that had to settle for all of the rejections, being passed over in your selections...the one that wasn't number one any longer. The woman that was supposed to be happy with your scraps...your honorable mentions...your "I had good intentions". Got tired of being the mommy, the fixer, the one that held it down, but got passed over for returns of money because it was "just my name" and you weren't feeling that anymore or right oh, my "other better plans came through, turn back around on the highway boo" it's just the timing is all messed up yunno? But don't hang up on me, cause that's the worst thing you can ever do yo! Whatever man, I swallowed my pride one time too many...and not that you asked me to, but I thought my love would show through...the fact that I'm a good girl...**** you were my whole world. The brother that got me through day to day, made me smile, showed me the way, to open up my love and relax...eating meals and hip hop ain't hip hop...remember that scribe, it came from my heart, but all that aside, body piercing, tattoos and sex. You were my baby, **** the rest. But I was nothing but a thing to you, wore that friendship like a badge too. Me and you is cool. That was your mantra...about how me and you never lied, how many times I just about died inside, but now it's over, I guess it's done. The whole **** thing was no more fun, to you to me, to us both, they say you hurt what you love the most.
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    and when you lose love it hurts

    but they say it's better to have loved than never to have not loved at all

    as much as it hurts there were some good times
    and that's not so bad

    but as time moves on things change
    and people change

    good piece
    this should be read by the person in question
    i think they would get the message