Black People : You have no reason to cry about your home


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Jan 10, 2021
If people really stood by Their morals we wouldn't have all the suffering in America understand this statement right and wrong black and white Barack and Trump need I say more am I My Brother's Keeper we as human should do more all I was saying is that compassion should be spread across the land my heart aches for everyone who suffers pain but it aches even more when you have women and kids on the streets sleeping and people crying about their houses beening burned down Martin Luther King wanted all to just get along I just want us all to be a little bit more compassion about everyone not just a select few cause without each other we have nothing and thank you for your reply
KRAZYK, are soooo right in your Humane way of thinking. many people feel the privilege of having everyday basic needs, they began to think Low of the ones that don't. (Everyone who is homeless is not on Drugs as the reason for that)

That excuse is Simply a way for people to mentally Dehumanize any effort to feel Sympathy for the Homeless. Housing is a Severe Human NEED for survival, ...not just a Frivalous WANT.

Now that Hundreds of people around the world face Evictions, all of a sudden Homelessness is an Ergent thing to think of. It is indeed a SAD day on this Earth when the only time people choose to care about Homelessness is when THEY or their family or Friends are facing it

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