Black Poetry : You Had Me


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Apr 10, 2001
Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
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You had me long before hello
A sweet chocolate vision of heavenly
Uninhibitedly exhibiting your all to me
Your whole vibe cutting into me with delicate incisions
I quickly made it my mission, and goal
To regain the composure that with one look, you stole
But more importantly, I needed you to fill the hole
The thing within me
That upon seeing you
I realized my heart was missing
Dismissing all else, I was drawn by your compelling smile
Hypnotized by your sensuality, and those sexy eyes
Magnetically pulled to every inch of your breathtaking style
Just one simple look
That's all it took
And I was contently basking in your shine
Without a doubt, I longed to make you mine

To be your

soulmate, backbone

constant, man

Your lover, protector

number one fan

All of this before the 1st words were spoken,

So to those who just don't know
I was caught up in the rapture of you and me
Long before that 1st sweet hello

i see you found Destee's Place, huh?...

well... WELCOME HOME POET!! :wave:

i'm glad you came... stay a while this time...
so people will know that's you're real!! :wink:

now this peace... thank you! you are soooo
sweet to me!!... & you are oh-so very talented...
share it with everybody... let 'em see you
shine!!... promise me?...



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