African American History Culture : You Don't Write To Us Black Males

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    You care not,
    you love yourself,
    your political funnies,
    the constant you you,
    you said you love us,
    but when i think about,
    and keep thinking about,
    about you the more,
    you think not about us,
    you care about everybody else,
    but us and it's obvious,
    don't need your lies,
    i have my own intuition,
    don't need your words,
    don't need your hugs,
    as it was never there,
    my senses are not ill-functioning,
    though you are,
    and I,
    could care less,
    even about your looks,
    your looks justifies nothing,
    for me or us or yourself,
    you claim you love us,
    you claim you down for us,
    you claim you Queen,
    you want to be treated as such,
    you need to be treated mentally,
    cause your heart needs healing,
    as ours have never been touched,
    you don't care about us,
    you love yourself,
    and taught that since birth,
    i didn't make our stone wall...
    they did if you open up eye,
    but for known reasons you keep,
    putting bricks in it to the point,
    it is steel sub-consciously,
    even your presence of unrealness, kill...and keep killing,
    and don't care sow i strengthen,
    myself as a seed of unknown,
    i go further were most of my blood,
    has never gone before,
    and that is freedom alone,
    the finale until my physical,
    is ashes blown gone.

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