Black Poetry : You Don't Really Know (inspired by blkverb)

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    You Don't Really know
    He told me

    Because if you did
    You'd be all up in dis

    (Or I guess I told him, hee, hee, hee)

    (I don't really know
    We were so consumed with eachother
    I don't know where it starts and finishes or it began!)

    He played with my mind
    He caressed the small of my back
    And he promised to stay
    He promised me the moon, sun, and stars, the heaven, the ocean the sea
    He promised he'd give it all to me

    (well we promised eachother)
    And I observed him for awhile
    Inspite of his promising

    I watched him very closely (he watched me too)
    I drowned in his compliments (he drowned in mines, all da time)
    And the way he worshiped me (the way I worshiped him!)

    He said
    I made him change

    He said
    He's never been in love like this before (me neither!)

    He said
    Some of his boys
    Don't know his dark and lonely secrets (me too)

    He said he keeps my picture in his wallet
    And shows "his girl" to every one he meets

    I, I , I

    Love him because
    I know him

    I,I, I

    Love him
    Because he found me
    And picked me up again

    I remember one time
    We told eachother how growing up
    At a hard time in our families
    We had to use food stamps before

    He said he thought that I was rich
    And I would have never thought
    That happend to him

    I remember when we first met
    And I stayed awake a my grandma's house
    Just thinking about him

    I remember when I wasn't supposed to have
    Boys call me
    And he called with another girl on the phone

    And now years later
    I don't regret

    I was there for him
    When he tore a ligament
    For football
    And was mad he couldn't play

    And now we're grown

    Look at us now
    Look at us still in love
    You are my fire
    And no one can compare

    He told me
    You don't really know
    With his actions

    He told me
    You don't really know

    Because he knew he had me from the start
    Because he knew I cared for him
    And I would carry the load
    When he couldn't anymore

    He knew I'd have his back
    Till the end

    I know I love him
    I know he showed me what true love really is

    I know
    I know
    Because I thought I knew it all

    This is in response to blackverb's theme( she thought no one could break her)

    Desert Storm
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    storm you back wit a vengence

    loving the strength
    the deep thought
    about love
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    dis was tyght and da depth of love came out