Black Poetry : You changed my life forever shorty

Sister, I didn't realize this piece was sorry
I'm not going to tell you what to do...but I do think
you shouldn't have the burden of making this decision
on your own, talk to your mother, she may be more
understanding than you think, or if you have a counselor
or a mentor, talk to someone other than your peers
....I'll pray for you lil, sister...gonna pray for you hard... :grouphug:
yes sisters, I've finally spoken to my mother. I spoke to the guy who's baby it is also.They were together when I told them what I wanted to do and they agreed that it was best. My baby's father even proposed to me after he found out I wouldn't be having his baby. He wants to wed in the fall. They will both be in the clinic with me the day after tomorrow when the procedure happens.
I understand...believe me I understand

All the time I spent learning whats right
I throw it away all in one night
Well not exactly true
I been doing what I want to do
Now my stomach starts to grow
My mom's a time bomb waiting to blow
I cry at night cause I've messed up the plan
I gave up my life laying up with a man
Full scholarship with my name in print
Thinking I knew what real love meant
As the months pass....I learn to love you more
Even though my life plan has been ripped and tore
You my son....for you I missed it all
But not to say you were my downfall
I gave you life....yet it subdued mine
And even though things don't seem fine
I'll walk this walk with my head held high
For you my son I live and I'll die


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