Black Poetry : You changed my life forever shorty


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Jul 2, 2003
da south............ATL
Found out recently that I'mma be a mother
By a brother
That wants to take me home to his mother
And announce to the family that he wants me to be his significant other
But this ain't right
It just ain't right
He wants to marry me and take me to another height
But he a drug dealer and his future ain't bright
So him by you just ain't right

Shorty, you sittin' in my stomach all rolled up
And I'm crying about how I f'ed up
I know you didn't ask to be in this world so hold up
I'm just so weak and lonely I want to fold up

I wanted to go to school
And learn all my most valuable tools
But then you
You came and that plan was through
If I only knew
This was going to happened I would have postponed my first time and flew
But I didn't now I'm scared to tell my mama about you
Oh my god, just what am I going to do :cry:

Deep in my heart I know what I should do
But when I told your daddy about it his temper grew
And he hit me violently when his fist flew
Across my head boo
I just wish I could tell you
All the things going threw my mind pooh
Instead of looking at my belly at skin tryin' to figure out what I'm going to do

Abortion is a good option
no take that back adoption
But I know I can't have you that's not even mentioned
No hesitation
I got to get rid of you and get you to a quick and safe destination
Whether it be heaven or another family's home station

I know I'm going to have a lot of talking behind my back
When I start getting fat
I can't have that
Especially from my peeps at school, I just can't have that
Shorty you change my life in two weeks, can you believe that?

Cindy, Ashley, Gerri, Freddy
Or Dre after your daddy
I want to name you something so you will always be apart of the family
I know yo daddy gon' smack me
Next time he sees me and realizes you ain't in my belly
Pray for me
For I have sinned father and I ain't happy
I wish I could rewind time and just be Foxi
But I can't now a doctors hand will soon be up in my belly
A split second procedure and you out me

Shorty, I know your father wishes you well
But I would go to hell
Before he would ever be around you or write you mail
He goes to college and all that but always fail
To be honest, I should have thought about that before he was all in me but didn't aw fingernail

Mama gon' kick me out soon if she finds out about you
My summer is ruined and I was suppose to go on tour before you
Now you here I can't go no where until I get rid of you
Mama gon' look at me funny for the rest of my life just because of you
My life is ruined if you only knew
Shorty, you change my life forever. Yeah son, that was you.

:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


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