Kongolini Zulu Mau

Oct 13, 2013
I hope this answers your questions. Let my words be accepted and
respected in truth. There is a big mispreconception pertaining to all
things spiritual. Spirituality is, has been, and always will be the
up close and personal dealings and interactions with spirits negative
and positive, male and female by name. As our lives reflect the
naturally formulated relationships that we have with family, our
children, friends, associates, acquaintances, co-workers, etc. Our
lives should also reflect spiritual relationships that have been
formulated and cultivated with nature, our own godhead, Ori; our own
ancestors, Egun; and non-ancestrally related spirits, Fumbe.

There are many spiritual realms, the inner body, the outer body, the
inner space, and the outer space and the many multiple dimensions, two
in particular, the realm of positive mitigating forces and the realm
of negative mitigating forces. Spirituality is neither an appeal nor
a novelty. There are many kitchen table top spiritualists who play a
very dangerous game with their own lives and the lives of others, in
the fraudulent attempt to take on the appearance of what people need
and desire most, a true and clear in-depth and detailed understanding
of themselves, and the power that created them and all that embodies
that. And trust, there is no shortcut to bringing it all into

Spirituality is not church. It is not religion. Spirituality is a
lifelong commitment written in blood, built and established through
rituals, rites of passage and initiations. Formal introductions and
permission must be granted before one can truly be allowed to connect
and make contact. Strong spiritual relationships are built;
established and sustained by sacrifice, sacrifice of time, energy,
effort, money, and blood, and acquiring the skill set and developing
the abilities of prayers, chants, incantations, invocations,
meditation and divination. So let us do away with this microwave
mentality of thinking that because ‘I have the book, I can cook,’ when
the true teachings and knowledge is acquired orally, shared from
teacher to student that will open and reveal the truth and mysteries
about secrets kept out of public reach. For these secrets and
mysteries possess the power of life and death that’s why they are
guarded. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So, bring an end to talk that does not reflect the actions or the
manifestations of those claiming to be spiritually connected and
empowered. Take off appeal and internalize the teachings of truth.
For at the end of the day, if a persons words and actions are not
sheer mirror images of each other, that individual or group of
individuals are not ancestrally sent to align you, mentally,
physically, and spiritually. You cannot reflect or project that which
is not present. So let that be your topic of conversation pertaining
to that, which is spiritual. Ask the one claiming to possess the
abilities to help you, ask, what is your study, practice, and worship
regiment? Ask, how would they go about bringing you to the
understanding of your pinnacle self, mentally, physically, and
spiritually? Ask, how will they put and establish you in a conscious
state of mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and financial growth,
progression, and empowerment? Make them articulate in detail before
you put your lives in someone else’s hands. Because it is exactly
that, YOUR LIFE!

Committed, I am

-Kongolini Zulu Mau-​

Kongolini Zulu Mau

Oct 13, 2013
THE ANCESTRAL CALL BORN FROM BLOOD Aboru, Aboye, Abosise and Greetings to All Awos, Elders, and Devotees of All Spiritual Systems I have been moved today, to share some very important information that I hope is respectfully received. I, myself, being an African born in America, a descendant of African slaves have come to a very clear understanding about many things pertaining to myself and my ancestors. So many things about our lives hail from our level of knowledge, education, and our ability to properly discern the mental, physical, spiritual, sexual and financial aspects of ourselves. I call these five aspects LIFE. Every man and woman and child’s lives are affected and impacted in these five ways, children aside, pertaining to the sexual dealings and interactions. For that comes later in life for them. For this life is weighed, balanced and sustained by the choices and decisions that we make everyday pertaining to our lives and the lives that we have blood inherently become responsible for, our children, our gifts, our treasures, our legacies, the only hope that we have for sustaining a race for its future existence. There are so many individuals, right now, active in the parent role but yet the parent themselves, lacking the information, has yet to find themselves in a place where they have obtained and retained African ancestral knowledge that has the power to grow and progress them, their family and offspring. Olodumare, God has created each and everyone of us as a mind, body, and spirit component being with the hope that we would consciously grow and progress in such manner. And because of the displacement by way of slavery, that has landed us here in the United States of Africa and brought about a very unique race of Africans popularly known as African Americans. We are the tree, people, and our children are the seeds that have been scattered to the fertile ground beneath our feet that is stained with the blood and filled with the bones of our ancestors, and our ancestors have been crying out loudly since the beginning of slavery. But what are we going to do about it people? Who will listen and take heed to the instructions that have been coming forth? I can only share what I have done and continued to do up until the present. Not allow myself to get caught up in the cover but take out the time to deeply explore the content of many schools of thought, gaining divine knowledge wisdom and understanding along the way. Truth is truth no matter where you discover it. But we must acknowledge the foundation, the structure, and container from which WE hail. That foundation and structure is ancestral. For we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Some of us have been navigated to sources of information stemming from many different schools of thought and spiritual systems and have allowed ourselves to get entangled in the appeal and the politics of it all. I myself have been found guilty of this because of entitlement. But quickly succumbing to the understanding that I have been sidetracked into involving myself in something that was not my ancestors agenda. Forgetting that the ancestral voice inside of me sent me on a mission to retrieve the information that was needed to return to the burial ground that is stained with the blood and filled with my ancestor’s bones, to take the knowledge, wisdom and understanding that has been gathered and perform the proper rites, rituals and ceremonies to resurrect and elevate the souls of my ancestors that have fallen in body but are in need of acknowledgement and elevation in spirit and initiate myself into this understanding, and I have. But in order for this to happen we, as a people, must initiate into the purest form of African Indigenous Spirituality that is directly connected to our own personal ancestry. A spiritual understanding that provides us with complete and detailed instructions and understanding on how to carry them out. And after doing so embody, return, and perform. I myself have gone through many rituals, rites, and initiations. WHY? To be seen and revered as a man in high station? NO. The initiation process is the doorway that leads into a spiritual library of ancestral knowledge that is needed to continue the work my ancestors sent me here to do. There was no other way. I was not attracted to Ifa and Orisa because of its appeal. I was ancestrally sent by information that was revealed in the results of an African Ancestry DNA test. That pointed me into three different directions, seen and witnessed like the falling of odu upon the Opon: Nigeria, Yorubaland, the pinnacle principle, Angola, Congo the right principle and Benin, the left principle. Let me state it for the record so that it will be clear, I have always and still do continue to practice what is called N.W.A.T.S. New World African Traditional Spirituality for I was born here in the United States of Africa for my ancestry is behind me not in front of me. The only thing that I see before me is a great future, for a great people, that were born from struggle, death, oppression, violence, spilled blood and broken bones. As long as I have life in me, this fact, this reality, will not continue to be buried. For the spiritual revolution that has emerged from the backdrop of slavery and has been raging from its beginning to present will resurrect this understanding in the lives of all those who are willing to ancestrally embrace it for future generations to come. I will not allow the sacrificing of our ancestors to be in vain, under any circumstances. Ifa is an oracle system of truth that reflects all humanity, no matter race or color, and has the power to serve the human existence like fire, spiritually navigating all those who are disconnected from their ancestry to their destiny of purpose. -Kongolini Zulu Mau-​

Kongolini Zulu Mau

Oct 13, 2013
There is a rare and untapped resource in the Universe walking this
Earth living among us that comes in many different shapes sizes and
colors and this power has taken the form of a woman. And many are
still unclear of this fact, even most women themselves and men. We
have allowed negative mitigating forces to enter in and bring about
division between the two superpowers, the masculine and the feminine
energy. A man has validity on his own. A woman has validity on her
own. But when the two come together. They can manifest something
that is godlike, the creation of Life by way of procreation. But that
is only one of the many marvels that the power of duality brings.

Unfortunately, so many women have yet to succumb to the
understanding of the true value of a man. And this can also be said
about man to woman. And all who are unclear will sooner or later come
to an understanding of the power that lives and dwells in both male
and female, willingly or by force. The universe commands it and will
enforce the law between genders to restore the balance and resurrect
the dual-purpose agenda. But there are those of us that have not
given up on each other, the committed, seeking and searching to find
the missing link, the blueprint, divine instruction.

At a time I was going through transitional education about the women
aka the Life givers of this world for I found it hard to connect the
parallels from the hierarchy of the Queen crowned-jewels, the one who
birthed me and those Queens that had hands on influence in my rearing.
Found it hard to connect because the parallels were not present.
Utilizing the example of those hailing from my formative years passing
through adolescents and helping to bring about the awakening of
manhood I found it very hard to connect and quickly realized being
female did not make you a woman and being a woman does not mean that
you are a Queen.

There are many self-proclaimed Queens and Kings but those who are
well in their understanding know that the title of King and Queen is
inherited and/or bestowed upon the crowns of the chosen for the
people, by the people, in full support of the people. Acknowledged
for the rare qualities and abilities those who have been chosen
bloodline brings. A deep honor that has been ancestrally given, a
gift of true leadership, crowned in blood, a commitment generations
old. But how long will you continue to play here in the modern day
absent of the true understanding of yourself and how you came to be.
The real creation story of how the divine, perfect Being that brought
forth a manifestation of itself in flesh dividing it into two halves
separate in part in bringing about the existence of duality, the

Let me share a very big secret pertaining to formulating the
ultimate connection that will resurrect duality and bring this
megapower back to its pinnacle existence. The mysteries of man were
hidden in woman and the mysteries of woman were hidden in man. So
stop cheating, and lying to yourself by ignoring the Creator given
need for the dual existence and the big part that it all plays in the
cycle of life as it reflects nature. The power of duality is an
essential need, the nucleus that brought all of us into being. So it
will not be ignored. For I know that it lives in me. And I don’t
have the power to silence and restrain it. Committed I am.

-Kongolini Zulu Mau-

Crown me King!!!​

Kongolini Zulu Mau

Oct 13, 2013
Aboru, Aboye, Abosise to all Awos, Elders, and devotees of all spiritual systems

Let my words be respectfully and warmly received as they reflect the
truth pertaining to things spiritual. Things have gotten totally out
of control. There are so many chasing labels, stickers, tags and
titles, clothes, crowns and beads the identity-less, so thirsty for
identity, entitlement and respect that they are not even exercising
any common sense and intelligence in their pursuit of what should be
ancestral knowledge and becoming a perpetuator of their ways. They
have forgotten whose shoulders they stand upon. Individuals that have
not even taken out the time to gain a general basic understanding of
what they perceive to be spirituality; Individuals who have not taken
out the time to properly study and research; Individuals who have not
taken out the time in committing years to what it means to be a good
devotee; Individuals too quick to want to step into the shoes of the
hierarchy of spiritual leadership without study, training, and the
school of hard knock experiences that come with spiritual leadership.

A priest, priestess, high priest, or high priestess of any spiritual
system is not made, manufactured, or purchased. They are born from
it. They come into this world with an lifelong ancestral commitment
for spiritual leadership written in blood. It is a process people and
a long grueling one if you happen to be born outside of the borders of
any indigenous cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices. That’s
why we have our spiritual derivative systems. Derivative in the
meaning that they are not practiced in exactly the same manner, form
and fashion outside of their indigenous origin borders from which they
hail as they are practiced inside the borders of their native land.
And as a result of it all, it has turned into a such feeding frenzy
that the smell of blood pumping through the veins of these
individuals, so clueless and desperate for identity, has drawn out
every blood-sucking vampire on the planet, those ever so hungry and
thirsty for godchildren and to fulfill their king or queen and loyal
subject complex.

Leadership is something that is supposed to come about naturally, by
the people, for the people. Chosen from amongst those who are living,
breathing examples, not perfect for there is no perfection living and
dwelling within the human condition of humanity, but individuals who
subscribe and have committed to mental, physical, and spiritual growth
and progression of the people on a conscious level. Every arena has
its own language. There is a certain way that lawyers and judges and
prosecutors converse amongst themselves in the arena of law. And the
same thing can be said pertaining to the industry of medicine.

Every man, woman, and child on the planet is a mind, body, and
spirit component being and to live any other way than within the
conscious understanding of ones design leaves one spiritually
homeless, living outside of themselves, seeking, searching, wandering
without any spiritual navigation. So what does this mean? Anyone
claiming to be a spiritual practitioner of any kind, their mission
pertaining to those who are supposed to naturally cross paths and
encounter them, the pinnacle mission and the overall goal should be
pertaining to leading that person or persons to the true in-depth
understanding of themselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually and
how they connect and reflect their godhead (Ori), their ancestors
(Egun); non-blood ancestrally related spirits (Fumbe); and deities,
divinities, Orisas and oracles of whatever ancestrally navigated,
indigenous or derivative spiritual systems they find themselves
ancestrally led to.

I guess this would be the case in a perfect world. But
unfortunately this is not the case today. Now we have to deal with
the microwave minded mentality generation with so many, so eager to
oblige, who has time for spiritual priorities and preliminaries when
the potential devotee is so ready to side-step them? Who has time to
pass go and collect the few hundreds of dollars here and there in the
spiritual growing process of the devotee when they can side step,
shortcut, and run right into the arena of initiation with no
knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, tempering or training? I’m sure
this is welcomed at thousands of dollars a pop. If one can make
thousands of dollars pertaining to one initiate in a few days time or
hundreds of thousands of dollars pertaining to multiple initiates in a
few weeks, who has time to nickel and dime through the prioritized
preliminary stages of spiritual growth and development? Especially how
they pertain to today, the modern day. Who needs the conscious
understanding of how to grow and progress self, family, and others
mentally, physically, spiritually, sexually, and financially? We
don’t need that type of knowledge and know-how, DO WE…???

So many want it quick, fast and in a hurry falling victim to public,
social forums like the internet, the world community for the new
millennium generations has turned into a real live circus, a peddlers
square, so many clowning ready to sell you any label, sticker, tag,
title or cultural identity that you desire for a price. The last time
I checked it was all about the ancestors and those of us who have been
sent here to this marketplace to continue that which they started.
How did we ever get to this point of blatant disregard of the
ancestors? Where did this unrealistic obsession come from? You don’t
have to take my word for it, just open up your eyes wide and take a
look around you and start to see who is clearly benefiting from the
madness, who the peddlers and circus clowns really are.

It ‘s time to stop spending so much time, energy, and effort in the
attempt to take on the external appeal of that which cannot be
internalize and manifested on all levels. Time to take two steps back
and re-evaluate whose agenda you have been participating in bringing
to fruition. So that you can come to a clear understanding of how to
take three steps forward in the name of your ancestors and the reason
for which you were sent here in the first place. And seek the
parallels to see if all your time, energy, efforts and money has been
benefiting you or someone else and is lining up to your ancestors

Know and understand, from the time your Mother gave birth to you, a
day was going to come that we would be responsible, and in our
transition, ancestrally accountable. Let every man and woman be
responsible for his/her own words and actions. For the spiritual
apocalypse is coming. All those responsible for the madness will be
held accountable for the madness that they have created in the name of
greed. Will you be standing in the aftermath? Committed I am.

-Kongolini Zulu Mau-​

Kongolini Zulu Mau

Oct 13, 2013
    Love the spirit, is crying out for a formal introduction and a fortified relationship with us, an elevated understanding that will leave one with the ability to recognize what is and what is not real. The time has come for us to take our eyes off of people and recognize the condition of their heart mind and spirit. Let us take out the time to discern what’s on the surface. So many are spiritually homeless, living outside themselves wandering aimlessly with a deep desire to love and to be loved, for their heart is empty. But unfortunately the misrepresentation of love that has been afforded us in this place and space that we occupy leaves us in an orphan state. For the fantasy of love that is being perpetuated by those not of same mind and body has been falsified and it does not manifest. The understanding of Love in this place is a four-letter word, a cliche, a holiday with no soul, so it cannot manifest the spirit of love in our lives and the lives of those around us. Love is truly a spirit, alive like fire and it burns hot. The spirit of love is enlightening and fulfilling leaving one gratified and empowered, with a deep connection to one’s self that reflects, positively impacts and heals all wounds with a conscious occupied understanding. I am Kongolini Zulu Mau and I stand committed to love!!!​

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