Black People : You can take Black out of Africa, but...


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Sep 12, 2009
Yes two different question because black can represent a color or a person
Okay, but let me ask you:
What about "state of mind" as 1poetsought states?
Your thoughts on that.

So I added "as in a person" to preclude a misunderstanding.
African can only represent a person, I saw no need to add as in a person as well.
In a frankster utopian world, I see what you mean.

Any way I know you are only be facetious, As you well know your arguments has no legs to stand on.
You feign the same misunderstanding with my statement "as in a person" which is the opposite of that which you are feigning now.
Your word games will only lead to inanity.
Here is my quote below....
No 'inanity" here and I hope you don't go 'inane' over it.
For what I say won't impact foreign policy from my
current position. Facetious, certainly truth to that, but if
your query is that serious for you, then let me ask you:
What answers do you have for your own questions, being that
since I have "no legs" and all. I find this to be a good opportunity
for you to stretch your 'legs' since others apparently can't or
won't on that which put forth.


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Jan 14, 2005
London in the United Kingdom
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[QUOTE="jamesfrmphilly, post: 917533, member: 4688" Stockholm syndrome........

People fail to take the effects of brainwashing seriously.......

That is why the battleground IS the mind..... /QUOTE]
Back in the day, one of my elder sisters invested in Jane Fonda and various other white folks workout videos/trying to get in shape but wouldn’t come to the gym and track with me despite the FACT that I’ve never ever had to starve myself dieting I have always been in good shape [turned down an offer to be a dancer in a nightclub/as I only do the HIMBO thing when I want to as opposed to for money] seemed genuinely bemused when I asked her “so are you genetically closer to Jane Fonda than you are to me?”

In the mid 1980’s a friend gave me a video with Dr Ivan van Sertima’s lectures about Blacks in Science [our marginalized or totally ignored contributions over the last 5000 years] and the African Olmec Rulers of Mexico’s first technical culture, which I showed to ALL of my family; only for my mother to state that she’d seen and heard the information before when she had attended 5 years previously Dr Ivan van Sertima’s lecture in London organized by the local authority she worked as a teacher for.

When I challenged my mother as to why she hadn’t EVER mentioned any of this information before, genuinely didn’t think to tell me and the rest of the family what she’s learned, all she could say was that it just had not occurred to her to do so?

Aren’t you guys just dancing around the cutting edge of my tag [at the bottom of my posts] whereas isn’t the only variable with regard to just how DAMAGED most people of African ethnicity are is the severity and how it manifests?

[QUOTE="jamesfrmphilly, post: 917645, member: 4688" Don't dance no more, bum knees. /QUOTE]

One day you WILL directly answer a question on this message board James, just to totally confuse me/us throw us off guard [BTW I'm not going to hold my breath awaiting that moment ROFL]!

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?
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