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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, the brand new Afrikan can not handle the Divine truth and I will share with you the reason why such a statement is Divinely true, about the Brand New Afrikan.

    Here the Brand new Afrikan is, attempting to convince you black People that I am Black Folks Problem, a technique learned from their master Teacher, the bearer of the False Knowledge, Lucifer, those people with a history of tampering with our Divine Mind and have succeeded in making a Brand New Afrikan that is not qualified to handle the Divine Truth about what be the cause for us behaving as we now do and not wanting to have the Divine truth about the Spirit we now display and reveal about ourselves, displayed so that we can See.

    Beloved, is it not plain to the Black so call Afrikan, that I have not come sharing the Divine truth about the Brand New Afrikan, seeking accolades from you, have I come before you trying to win your favor, Hell No, because such is not my mission, because if it was, my action of sharing with you would be entirely different from what I have and Am sharing with you today, in this Time of our Brand New Life.

    Beloved, do you believe that if I so desired to do so and was acting in seeking vain glory from you, I most certainly know what it is you would be most appreciative of, which is to hear nothing but Lies about your Brand new self, as you have been conditioned to want to hear and believe, and to never to desire to know what you need TO KNOW, Do you ?

    I have come to you with the Divine truth that the goddesses and gods, your Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors did bring to this Planet and most certainly endowed us with, and now, because we have been made over to become the Brand New Afrikan that now Despise the Divine Truth, and now become very angry at the very coming again of the Divine Truth, revealing again about the Divine Essence, The Universe, and our Black selves, but now, the Brand New Afrikan, all dressed up in our Brand New Human Being Mind, is not qualified to Handle the Divine truth and each word of that Divine Truth cut the brand New Afrikan as a sharp Blade of a two Edge Sword, and you believe that I do not know why you are behaving toward me as some of you are doing today, you Brand New Afrikan who have the compulsion to serve as a distraction to those Black so call Afrikans who are in search to Know again Whom We Black Folks are.

    My granddaddy use to say to me, the Guilty Pig, it will be the one to cry out against that which is not wanted to be accepted by those the pig has Lied to and Deceived, in this Time, it being the Brand New Afrikan Lies, told to the Black so call Afrikans today.

    Beloved, the Brand New Afrikan can not Handle the Divine Truth because the Mind the Brand New Afrikan now wear is not equipped to accept such Divine Truths, so the Brand new Afrikan set out to not defend against the divine Truth, because there is no defense against the Divine Truth, so what the Brand New Afrikan does, you set out to confuse and distract Black people away from accepting what we need in order to pull off the Lying deceiving Mind we have now been clothed with, the Human Being Mind that will not allow the Brand New Afrikan to be able to handle the Divine Truth of that which I now share with you today.

    Beloved, have you notice the Brand New Afrikan when in their defending mode against the Divine truth, that they never approach the Divine Truth in defense of their Profane Truth, that is because in their effort to confuse you away from receiving the Divine Truth they are defending the Lies and acts of deception they have committed themselves to do, in an effort to attack the divine truth, because you see, it is the Lie and acts of Deception that is in Want of Defending, not the Divine Truth, as it come in Locked Step with Divine Reality, the Two that set upon the Foundation of Divine Experience, the verifier of that which is Divinely True and that which is Profane Lies.

    It is said that I am always putting the Brand new Afrikan down by sharing the Divine Truth about the Brand New Afrikan, so I ask of you beloved, if a Star has gone into the action of a Super Nova, then how is it that I can cause that which is already in that action to be again, in other word, there is no way I can put Black People in what they are already experiencing, what I can do is share with you information that most vividly project our present level of position THAT the Brand New Afrikan is displaying, with a desire that the Mirror image I project of ourselves, will serve as a motivation to us to get up off of our do nothing behind and reclaim our Divine Mind, the Fuel that is capable of lifting us away from the Profane Human Being Mind we now live our Life by.

    Beloved, are you under the impression when you turn a deft ear to the sharing of you needing to involve yourselves in a Black Afrikan Retreat, that you do me a disserve or that in some creul way you be hurting me, because I am out to get you to do for me that which I share you need?

    Is that your Wicked believing concerning Me and why I share with you all that i do ?

    oh beloved, how pitiful and sad of a people we have become, you can not hurt me based upon those set of principles, what does hurt me is to See a once divine black nation to have been reduced to its lowest term of Life Living, having now to be depended upon those you brought Civilization to and to be shown the disrespect now shown to black People and we sit around acting as if we can not do a **** thing about it, now that is what hurt me beloved, the fact that you can not recognize what you Need to save your Life and it is being served to you every day, I seek no elevation from you, the condition black folks are in disqualify you to be able to even elevate yourselves, Beloved.

    The Divine Truth, The Brand new Afrikan can not Handle the Divine Truth because the Mind Needed to do so is no longer in our possession, beloved !!!

    Here today, we have the Brand New Afrikan fighting against the very information qualified to reclaim Afrika and Reunite the Black World, and what do we do, the Brand New Afrikan set out to re-enforce the Lies that have been used successfully to bring down a once godly divine Black Nation, Why ?

    Well I will share with you the reason why, it is the Brand New Afrikan that has been made to look as if all knowledge Black folks need, flows through them and now that the Divine Esoteric information once taught to you by our Divine Black Ancient First Way Ancestors has now come again, it illuminate the ignorance of the Brand New Afrikan and now reveal to you seekers of our Divine Truth about the Divine essence, The Universe, and our Black Divine Selves, causing you to See the Lying and Deceiving Brand New Afrikan for what they are, carriers of the Virus of Religion and Profane information conceived by Lucifer to be perceived to be the Religious Truth, because you See, all of the Human Being Profane information fed to you about you black People, hinge upon their made up Religion, Lies that can not be Profoundly Reason to be True nor can be Rationally explained to be Divinely Real, wearing a Profane Logic that Command that you Believe in Lies and acts of deception and not know that which is Divinely True, such being the Modus Operandi of the Brand New Afrikan today.

    Beloved, it is the foolish Brand New Afrikan that will attempt to challenge the Divine Truth in favor of the Profane Lie concerning Religion, the weapon used to Destroy our Black Civilization, a weapon patterned after the Divine Theology of our Ancient first Way Ancestors but is a counterfeit of the Divine Truth and Reality that can only Reveal the Divine Truth, about the Divine Essence, the Universe and our Black Selves, and today, the Divine Truth is what is showing you Black People a Mirror Image of what we have become, by following the Brand New Afrikan who now wear their Human Being Education claiming to be an expert Doctorate in the Religious Lies created by people with a history of stealing, robbing and plagiarizing the the Divine Concept shared with us by our First Way Ancestors, that which is concerning our Divine Selves relationship to the Infinite Divine Essence.

    Beloved, have you ever been able to witness the Brand New Afrikan rationally and successfully defend the Trinity of Evil Human Beings religion, have you ?

    No, you have not, because a Lie is open ended, the more of it you attempt to defend the more that come to be defended, yet the Divine Truth need not Defended, it remain as is, whether we accept it or not, and those of us who do not, end up suffering the consequence of our profane action.

    Beloved, as long as we remain a victim of the Brand New Afrikan delivering of the trinity of evil Doctrine about God and our Black Life, then all you have to look forward to is more of the same, that our Lives are now exposed to, today.

    So tell me beloved, do you truly believe that the devil, Satan, Lucifer, the trinity of Evil, can be converted to look at you and treat you differently than the way that have been done so, toward your Black Behind ?

    Do you really believe that Marching and praying to Jesus is going to correct the situation that caused Sean Bell Life and now hold brave Black Warriors Prisoners and on their barbaric Death Row and our Children left undefended in America ?

    Do you Truly believe that the answer to the problems of Black Folks in America, happen to be that we do not have a Black President, do you Really ?

    Or is it that the Brand New Afrikan has gotten you to resolve to be satisfied with white America social Programs and a loosen of so call Civil Rights accordance to the Design of White America ?

    The Divine Truth, the Brand New Afrikan can Not handle The Divine truth, so we end up Despising the Divine Truth, because it show us up to be what we have become to be, and to act and behave as we now do.

    Beloved, I just present to you the Mirror Reflection of your Brand New Afrikan Selves, as you display the Spirit of not wanting to see our deplorable acting selves, as we make claim to be the Children of goddesses and gods, yet have not the courage to prove such a claim, which make you no more than the Mind you now wear, it being the Mind of the Trinity of Evil, responsible for causing the Fall Of a Once Divine Black Nation and now you have brown comfortable on your knees.

    So some of you have the audacity to attempt to label me as your Enemy, well to the Brand New Afrikan, that is exactly who I Am, To you Who Lie and deceive Black People, Feeding Them The Poison Of The Trinity Of Evil Religion, A Poison That Suppresses The Divine Mind Of Black People.

    There is no Fraction of the Divine Truth, it and Divine Reality are monolithically in Its Action, but in Religious Profane Truth it is Fractional polytheistic, causing you to believe that Truth come in many forms, beloved, that only apply to the Profane truth, but not to the Divine Truth, the only Truth capable of retrieving the Divine Mind of the Divine Black Being, if you would ever come to desire your black Selves again, which require a Spiritual Retreat, you who are Descendants Of Our Divine cosmic Black Ancient First Way Ancestors, the goddesses and gods that taught us the Esoteric and Exoteric of Life, you Know that which I share is Divinely true.

    So Yes, You can not Handle the Divine Truth And I have Now Shared With you As to Why You can not, Beloved !!!

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

    Chief Elder
    The First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    GOOGLE SEARCH: Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
    [email protected]
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