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Jan 1, 2008
emergency medical tec. (EMT-B)
You Can’t … You Won’t

Our first encounter was the
Best in the world.

Didn’t understand how he
Wanted me to be his girl.

Things move fast
His kiss so sweet.

I love the way he rubbed my feet
We slowed down he didn’t rush me at all.

I loved the way he
Was so tall.

Thought he was the man of my dreams
As time went on I thought I would scream.

What started out
As sweet attention.

Quickly ended with avenge
You can’t you won’t…. is what I heard.

I was so scared
This was absurd.

It was till this day I knew
Had to find a way for us to be through.

No one knew my in house pain
That this man was really insane.

Had to find a way
To end my suffering.

In my mind I was
So much wondering.

Made him mad as much
As I could.

Understanding that he

Put me in my place
At the end scar my face.

Self-Defense is not a crime.

Go ahead hit me one more time.

Grab that bat from behind the chair.

At last I wasn’t scared.

As he screamed
On the floor.

There I go out the door.

Didn’t know where I went wrong.

Loving a man
Or nothing at all.

So to all my Queens
Know who he is before your life is through.

Don’t be blinded by the sweet
Never let him knock you off your feet.

Pay attention
And stand firm.

CAN’T AND WON’T SHOULD NEVER BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your poem stirs a lot of emotion. You are right that womben need not be knocked off our feet, and we need to pay attention right from the start rather than end up in a life threatening situation. Domestic abuse affects more than just the immediate family, it destroys the fabric our our community and I admire you for addressing this topic!


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