Black Poetry : You Are

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
You are my friend
You are my history
You are within

You are everything I wish to be
You are love in a thousand languages
Unquenched by the sea

And you are to me
What I could never be to myself
You are a rythme in my head
A lullaby
A poem
A quilt

Because you identfy
Where the human eyes
Can not see
You come to visit me
From afar
In the midnight
You posess my dreams

You envision yourself
And you make miracles believe
I never thought
I could love
But you taught me how to breathe

And it's magical
The way you are
You are love
And love is you

You Are
You Are
You Are

Just by being you.

Desert Storm
Desert Storm

this piece was so real
it made me feel
you real chill

a woman i see with such strength
PhD's just got to hate
can't understand brains and a pretty face
class and taste
no time to waste

on them petty low lifes
wear the same **** everyday
but talking about you right?
you know the type
talk about you but it's you they want to be like

keep doing what you doing miss
cause them aint giving you ****



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