Black Poetry : You are the Sole Resident In My House


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Mar 19, 2001
I live in a spherical object
directing dendrites and
axons when/how/why
to break it down and synapse
...then I wake eyes opening
again when they're already
open and you appear
dancing in hologram....
a thought of you expressing
itself as a 3d object that
my mind can taste...and
as know the rest

this object you've draped in crush
red velvet that reminds me of
your friend or is it your aunt?
that visits you yet never hinders
our epidermal progress towards
connection or collision...depending
on what mood you're in...

I have chandeliers hanging shining
upon you laying across a sleeping
blak panther naked...bareback on
my vibe....cause you know
what they say about revolution...
it never roll with it

just the vision of you playing
with the panther looks into the
mirror of my mind and shows you
incognito as my happiness

Am I just too far into my own ****
head to just say "you are everything?"
Maybe, but, words that discuss you
fall off my tongue in a manner that
makes my mouth cum and I'm
left sitting in the corner of my spherical
object drenching myself with the thoughts
of thoughts that speak you

next time when you cum..I'll leave
my eyes open so the world can see
why I breathe.

(c)2001 blakverb
My RoYaL BLak-NeSs...

<<< passed da f@#k out!! :eek: ....

& now that i've gotten myself togetha
i want you to know that this is a totally
indescribable piece...

i can hardly breathe... & i find it completely
hard to believe that EVERY woman on
the page does not fall hopeless-ly in love
after reading You! I know i'm there.... :)


I would like to be the

S O L E / S O U L

resident N that mansion of yours ~

... is there still
space... or 2
your mental male room
where I could read you in private

... is there still a closet
that I could
my birthday suit
up in

Are you thinking
what I'm thinking??
Look no further at
the un-sturdy structure
of another
unfurnished home
...For I dwell within
each crevice of an
'occ-U-pied' existence

I want to collect
your thoughts
like fresh flowers
picked from the garden ...and
situate them on my
nightstand as
center ~ peace

I want to watch
the reflection of your
the entire
atmosphere of
this very room
with your
aural glow
... and
that fragrant smell of you --
my nose
only knows~
detecting your presence
even when you are
not physically
standing near me

Your sole embodies
my soul as we
spend countless nights
in each room
of your mansion a resident in this house


*You know that your verses are incredible lines of literary artwork... continue to share your 'N'ergy. :kiss:


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