Black People : You Are Not Serious

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
You Are Not Serious About Confronting The Issue Of Racism/Prejudice In America, Not Until You Address Seriously The Issue Of Reparation/Repatriation For Chattel Slavery Treatment Of Black Afrikan People!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Hey, Listen Up Black Afrikan People, you are the catalyst for your own change to America, and that change can be very significant with you showing dignity in the face of continued contrived disrespect being performed by white establishment people who carry much persuasion and influence over and with a society that depends on the very Government that is guilty of committing a broad range of criminal offense against our Enslaved Ancestors and to this day America has received no punishment for committing the most horrible crime been committed against Black Afrikan people of many centuries with the working class of white people justifying the action that took place in an institution created by white racism and prejudice was and is spread against Black Afrikan people and you Black Afrikans shows no resentment toward America as your Black No Dignity Behind make it no secret that you are on a journey to experience the America Dream which is with a nightmare foundation!!!

So, share with me, why am I considered to be the "BAD" Black Man because I choose to be Divinely Truthful with Black Afrikan people about our living condition and sharing the fact that change is not enough to receive for the evil of Chattel Slavery been perpetrated against our Enslaved Ancestors, be that as it may, whether you Black Negro Americans accept this Divine Truth I share with Black Afrikans or not, I remain on time doing what I know needs to be done and that replaces Lucifer lies he has Black Afrikans believing with the Divine Truth that requires for Black Afrikan People to use Common **** Sense to get to know what it is we must do to bring about no **** Change but Afrika and Black Afrikans Liberation, Freedom Beloved, Freedom!!!

Call it what you will or may white people, but for you to indicate that you are tired of the racial divide in America and the world in general, and you do control the narrative surrounding and pertaining the issue of Reparation/Repatriation and it is that issue that is important to Black Afrikan people in America not by choice that can bring about a difference in the relationship between our two Race with a different identity appearance, one referred to as Black and the other white, and yet, it is white Americans that are in control of America by white oligarchs who determine which issues pertaining to Racism and Prejudice that is a practice in a white social-economic class upper to upper - upper class dominated society having no respect for the Black Afrikan people located in any category of social-economic America class structure, regardless of the social-economic standing class of Black Afrikans in America not by choice and now many choose to be in America white integrated assimulated society, white oligarchs do no serious indication that they are serious about solving the issue of racial discrimination with prejudice in America in practice today still !!!.

The one issue that has the power to reveal the truthfulness of white America racist prejudice spirit is still active in America today using the period from the beginning of the action by Racist white people invading Afrika for the purpose to capture Black Afrikand with a specific purpose to enslave Black Afrikan people using a conscious with an evil mind that condemns not white people in spreading lies that Black Afrikan people are the symbol of evil and bad luck and is inferior to white people, such a mentality revealing the presence of Racist and unjust prejudice behavior being justified by a criminal mind that is in possession of white people who spread lies and deception about Black Afrikan people.

Yes, they making it to be believed by the white world that it is God will for white people to enslaved Black Afrikan people and that racist Luciferian Human Being went as far as to display such arrogance to be in their favor with God to the extent that they named one of the ships that were transporting our Black Afrikan Ancestors, Jesus, the ship Jesus involved in providing for the evil being acted out by white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Beings, yes the Jesus your claimed to be educated Black Wanna be intelligent behind have no problem on falling on your bending knee calling on that Jesus that carried Millions Of Black Afrikans in its belly packed like they pack sardines and you Black Afrikans has the ignorance to skin and grin with white people who have no problem letting Black Afrikans know that they opposed Freedom, Justice, And independence to be for Black Afrikan people and Afrika, our Enslaved Ancestors as well!!!

So I ask Black Afrikan People, Will Common Sense Be Your Mind Performance When Determining What Time It Is???

It Is Time For You Black Afrikans To Free The Mother Land Beloved, So Up You Divine Black Cosmic Race And Bet About The Effort Of Collecting Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation, the one issue capable of Unifying the Black Afrikan Nation to be in Afrika and I invite you to Watch at George Floyd Memorial Today I assure You That There will not be the words Reparation/Repatriation Uttered in the presence of all of those Wanna Be White Negroes been made to perform like ******* as Defined By White Folks!!!

Black Woman And Man, What Time Is It!!!???

Divine Respect
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