Black Spirituality Religion : You Are God - A Philosophical Essay on the Nature of Existence, Reality, and Immortality

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Section: Eclipse Symbolism

Scientifically, we all know what an eclipse is... it is the moon coming between the earth and the sun. But let's approach this from a symbolic perspective. An individual I correspond with has stated the eclipse is a "conception". Traditionally the sun is considered an aspect of masculinity while the moon is considered an aspect of femininity. So when an eclipse occurs I can see how it could be perceived as a conception. And after conception, there is birth. So an eclipse will eventually birth something. My belief is something else. Google "total eclipse" and look at all the images that pop up. The eclipse looks like the pupil of an eye. It also looks like a void. What does an eye symbolize? Knowledge? Knowing? Seeing? Awareness? I am uncertain as to why famous actors or musicians cover their right eye when they do photo ops, I've never been able to figure it out. Does an eclipse symbolize awareness? When an eclipse happens, is it symbolically an eye that is looking at us? Whose eye is it? When you stare at an eclipse are you looking directly into the eye of a conscious being or entity? I believe the universe is created by the Great Mind, perhaps the eclipse is the eye of the Great Mind. If it is a void, then are we seeing through the veil of physical reality? Are you in a room right now? Stare at the wall. Behind the wall is pure blackness, pure void. When you stare at an eclipse are you actually seeing the void? Or are you directly looking at the consciousness of your own inner mind. When you look at an eclipse are you actually seeing what you see when you get into a meditative state? Perhaps when you see an eclipse, the veil of physical reality temporarily opens a portal and you are literally seeing the void that exists behind reality.

We have evolved and an eclipse no longer has its ancient mystique. But reality has evolved alongside with us into a vast seemingly infinite endless universe. So we have replaced eclipses with black holes. It is now black holes that make us wonder what we are looking at. And if we figure out black holes, we will create something new to make us wonder.
I have harmed people in the past, animals and insects too. I have been selfish. I have been mean. I'm not perfect, but I try to be now.

The GOD in me theory is thus, blown



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