Black Spirituality Religion : You Are God - A Philosophical Essay on the Nature of Existence, Reality, and Immortality

Here is my philosophical proof that solipsism is false. I have already placed it within the body of the text. But rather than make you look for it, I will also add it here. The proof is actually quite brief:

Section: Always Make The Choice That Gives Everyone Free Will

The minimum number of awarenesses needed for a shared existence to have BOTH absolute morality and free will is 3. I suspect this is also the basis for moral law, not man-made exploitative law. It also seems that law cannot exist unless there are at least 3 conscious beings. 3 is also the basis for the family unit; father, mother, and child. I therefore conclude that any type of conscious being, animals too, can potentially evolve to godhood. The crime of existence is to prevent this potential from developing. If only you exist, morality is not needed. If only two awarenesses exist, with you being one of them, then you will have to be either good or evil. Psychologically speaking, this could be the framework for brainwashing someone. If three awarenesses exist, with you being one of them, then you can finally make a choice. I believe this would also disprove solipsism. You are capable of choice correct? Therefore solipsism is false and the current existence that we all share has at least 3 awarenesses because law exists.
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Section: Money Appears To Be Some Type Of Spiritual Energy Storage Mechanism

This explanation is symbolic. I think the more money you pursue, the more spiritual energy that you give up... LITERALLY. There is probably a direct linear correlation to how much money you have and how much spiritual energy you give up. And the man who controls the banking system harnesses this somehow. This tells me spiritual physics does have equations and spiritual energy seems crucial for immortality, non-proven but I think this is the case. Perhaps if the value of money depreciates or an economy collapses, it means the controllers of the banking system have taken away your spiritual energy. So how does this work exactly? I don't know. Am I going to ponder it? Of course. Money is a system that another man has created, not you. And if you use the money system, you are by definition, not the alpha male. Even philosophically, this should be logical to you. If you have no desire to be the alpha male, then you're fine and the banking system is nothing for you to worry about. So what does it mean, spiritually, if an economy collapses and money becomes worthless? Again, I don't know. As a conspiracy theorist, I do believe economies are collapsed on purpose.
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