Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006


He ran down all the ways in which sleep deprivation hurts people: it makes you dumber, more forgetful, unable to learn new things, more vulnerable to dementia, more likely to die of a heart attack, less able to fend off sickness with a strong immune system, more likely to get cancer, and it makes your body literally hurt more...




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Jun 14, 2018
Just another thing one buys into when joining the neoliberal capitalist never never dreamland.


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Jun 14, 2018
I'm gonna write a blockbuster book about why you should not drive with your eyes closed.

Think you've missed the boat on that one Bro. We darn near already have cars that drive themselves, by the time the book came off the presses we'll perhaps even have all the drunks in the back seat of a car driving itself....uh uh er um hic.......home Siri.
Maybe self driving cars is where people can get some sleep from the hamster wheel life they've elected to live.


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Jun 14, 2018
The most exotic wheels I own is my 2002 35 hp 4x4 tractor. And it's a beauty with a front end loader and all the other trim'ns like a back hoe for the rear hitch, a nice roto-tiller a land scape rake and a rear mounted plow and a six foot snow blower. Hmm, I know I missed something, oh yeh an old post hole auger that works nice, a set of forks to go on the loader and set of chains for all the tires and about a mile of 1" link chain in 25 foot pieces. If your drooling with envy, shor I'll let ya drive it when ever, I can always use a extra hand.

Ooh, you mean the Ferrari! The closest I've ever been to one of that model was in the early 70's hitch'n a ride out of the Bay Area. By the time she dropped me off I knew it was a ride I'd never forget. Special car.
Want something to lose sleep over?
I had a chance in the later 70's to buy an earlier version of that 330, a 250 GT California convertible model that still ran and was roadable for $7500 (monies which I actually had).
An example of the 250 GT recently went off the auction block for a cool 53 mill. Yeh one can lose sleep over something like that.

That 330 pictured was stolen for a finial bid of $260k. The classic market must be softening, I figured as least 300k and probably anywhere from 30k to 50k to bring it up to snuff. I doubt it'll stay in the states.

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