Black Poetry : You’re Beautiful When You’re Naked…


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Mar 21, 2001
Los Angeles
You’re Beautiful When You’re Naked…

You’re beautiful when you’re naked, as are the autumn leaves in the fall
You’re beautiful when you’re wearing absolutely nothing at all
You’re soft on the eyes … beautiful to look upon
Your silhouette is as beautiful as the first lights of dawn
My eyes are glued to your feminine frame – a massage to my optic nerves
Clocked and locked is my eyesight on your beautiful curves
That makes me want you more than I did just a moment ago
That magnifies my desires, and causes parts of me to grow
When you stretch, standing on your tippy-toes and reaching for your finger-tips
Extending your naked body vertically cause my scales to tip –
From covetous aspirations to concupiscent voration
That causes me to want to take you right now … without hesitation
The plumpness of your breast turns me into a salivating fool
The roundness of your hips and *** causes me to outright drool
The movements in your feminine stride causes me to confess
I want to take you right now … in your nakedness

Written by: K-JiO
© 2007


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