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Jan 22, 2004
My mom is smart and laid back....that's what I love most. She never lectured us to death. She taught us right from wrong and when we didn't listen and messed up....we felt stupid. I learned more that way than if she would've tried to beat it into my head. I'm alot like her because I take my personal time very seriously. I have to have time to do things I like and I don't let people get me down. That's straight from her. She taught me how to relax. Not in a lazy way, but to the point where I'm completely comfortable wherever I am and whatever I am doing. :luvv:


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Mar 21, 2001
thankful for bringing me in this world and
teaching me the values of a woman ......
best woman Queen i adore and respect


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May 17, 2004
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When it comes to Mama: or the woman who filled the shoes as your Mama:
what are you thankful to her for?
what has she done for you?
what do you admire about her?
what is your fondest memory of her?
what do you love about her?
What are some lessons or things (taken or learned from her) that you now live by?

Hmm.. my mother is a bit illogical at times, but the one thing I doi thank her for? She showed me how to speak my mind and not hold my tongue for anybody. She taught me little stuff, tricks about cooking and cleaning.. she showed me how to maintain a household and work full time. My fondest memory has to be when I was sixck once, and coughing in my sleep (I was a teenager by then) she woke me up to give me orange juice. Or maybe when I was in labor, and she sat next to me the whole time, never stopping to so much as drink her coffee (meanwhile, my husband went missing in search of a cheeseburger...).

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